Reviews: RyanNorth

Location: Australia, Gender: Male, Age: 23

One Way Hostel & Tours

Yerevan, Armenia

Stayed a couple of nights at One Way and really enjoyed it. Yerevan wasn't my favourite place, but this hostel certainly cheered me up with some of the best staff and a great breakfast. The bed was a little uncomfortable, but no big deal.

Infinity Party Hostels

Budapest, Hungary

Had an absolute blast at Infinity Party - started off with lights and showers that didn't work, but the staff (especially the blonde girl) were helpful and fixed everything up no problem at all. The hostel had a great atmosphere, heaps of fun, but the pub crawl was a bit of a disappointment. The girl running it was great, but would have had more fun just going out I think.

Backpackers Plus

Oban, Scotland

No customer comment

Blue Sky Hostel

Glasgow, Scotland

The most fun I've ever had at a hostel!

Rock N Bowl Hostel

Bristol, England

The kitchen/lounge wasn't the greatest place to hangout, but generally everything was great

St. Rita Hotel

Plymouth, England

No customer comment

Everton Hostel

Liverpool, England

Stay for: good facilities and location for a pretty low cost So I had 2 trips here. Between them I had: a shower not work, the shower turned off on me because the switch is in the communal area for the public one, lights not work, the wifi only works in the communal area, the printer doesn't work, they run out of milk for breakfast before 9am some mornings, cigarette butts on the room floor, stained pillowcases, mice and bugs and some very scarce cleaning. The staff are thoroughly overworked

London Backpackers

London, England

Cheap! I used this place as a base for setting myself up for living in the UK and it was perfect for that, but if I was going to London to travel the location would have been pretty useless. That said, the tube station is just across the road, but by the time you've paid for your transport from Hendon to the city centre once or twice each day... All in all, the bathrooms are clean, the place has a pretty cool vibe to it and the rooms are cleaned well. Avoid the top bunk (they're triples)!

Young & Happy

Paris, France

Hardly spent any time here, but I'd definitely go back. In a really interesting part of Paris, reliable, good breakfast. I felt very welcome here! Staff seem a bit overworked...

Vertigo Vieux-Port

Marseille, France

Perfect location, good staff, secure apartment-style room layout. Big rooms with good, clean ensuites. Beds were comfy. Best breakfast I had had in a long time by the time I got here too. Everything you could want. Marks knocked off for character, only in that there was nothing much characteristic or Marseillais to the place.


*Shockingly* good. For the price it's actually mindblowing. Is it like a not-for-profit hostel or something? Cos I can't figure out how they can offer such perfect facilities and rooms for that price! For a big hostel, the character and atmosphere are pretty good. The location isn't great, but they have a shuttle bus down to the tram stop - brilliant! This place has everything you could ever want from a big hostel.

Freedom Traveller

Rome, Italy

A good option, but not memorable. The outside area is ok. The rooms are big and clean. The staff were really friendly. I can't imagine anything worse than travelling back to Rome, but if I did, I'd go back here pretty happily

Giovanni's Home

Naples, Italy

I'm a believer that when travelling it's the people you meet not the things you do that leave the longest impression and mean the most - Giovanni is case a point. He'll likely cook you a dinner and play you a tune for dessert, and every piece of advice should be taken very seriously. You were so right Giovanni - why didn't I skip Rome completely and stay with you!? Mark down for security just because other hostels offer lockers/cages/whatever and they aren't offered here, but still very safe

Hostel Taormina

Taormina, Italy

Had an amazing time at this hostel. Francesco was, if anything, too obliging and kind for his own good! There's everything you could want here and between the staff, the location and the brilliant balcony it's perfect to stay alone, as I was, or as a big group. I'd VERY happily take a group of 6 mates here and chill on that balcony for a whole week! Only marked down on security because the balcony is only accessibe through the bed rooms. There's lockers, but it's not ideal.

YHA Tunis Auberge Medina

Tunis, Tunisia

It's a beautiful place to stay with a huge courtyard and well presented rooms, but it's let down a little by staff that are never there, stale bread for breakfast and cold showers. I'd go again, but only for the location and the great building