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Factory House

Barcelona, Spain

The bracelets they give to open the locks on doors only work from 4-5th attempt. Sometimes there was no toilet paper in the toilets and no hot water in the tap.

  • 29th Apr 2015
  • Avid Traveller
  • Ukraine
  • Mixed Group, 31-40
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Dear guest, thank you for your comment. We have a contact less high tech system to open the doors of the rooms that we have been using for long time and never gave any problem. There is hot water in all showers and sinks of the hostel, it is compulsory in hostels in Barcelona. We check the toilet paper twice per day, if sometime you did not find we apologize for the inconvenience. Best regards, La Flor de Gaudí Park Güell.

Hostel Come & Go

Moscow, Russia

It's very hard to find the hostel for the first time, especially in the evening, when it's dark. WiFi for Windows 7 works only near the showers, at the far end of the corridor. Internet is quite slow for Russia. The hostel is in the basement, so no windows, and you only can tell the time of the day by looking at the wrist watch or cell phone. But in general it's not bad, I lived in hostels much worse than this.

Route 39

Istanbul, Turkey

This place belongs to the staff, and is set up so that the staff feels at home. How the guests feel, nobody cares.

Pagration Youth Hostel

Athens, Greece

There is no hot water in the hostel. You can take a shower for 50 eurocents, but you have to shave yourself with cold water. Location is not very good - every point of interest is reachable by public transportation only with changing lines once or twice There is a church just a pair of blocks away, which rings the bells very loud. The corridor of the hostel has no roof, so in the evening it can be cold sitting there. There is no free tee or sugar - bring your own.


Tallinn, Estonia

I would be great to be able to sit down and eat not only in the common room, but in the kitchen too.

The CubaHostel

St Petersburg, Russia

The only disadvantage is that maybe the bus stop / metro station is some walk away, not right by the hostel. Everything else is excellent.

A Hostel

Vilnius, Lithuania

Don't recommend this hostel. Its only advantage is that it is very close to the train station. As to rooms, beds, furniture, etc - my dorm in the university was better.

Hoza Hostel

Warsaw, Poland

Don't believe the stories that all the center of Warsaw was destroyed by Nazis in 1944. The building where this hostel is located is more than 100 years old. Because of that, there are problems with hot water, and the heating does not work in the end of October. It's quite cold inside, especially in the night and early morning. Just shaving yourself is not so easy, taking a shower is almost impossible. Also, the hostel is on 5th floor and there is no elevator.


Tallinn, Estonia

The hostel looks a little bit like Soviet Union, but it is in the city center and the price is very low.

International Budget Hostel

Amsterdam, Netherlands

The stairs to the 2nd and 3rd floor are almost vertical, like on a ship's ladder. All corridors and doors are too narrow. Not very good if you have a big bag with you. The guy at the reception did not know where is the closest place to have dinner, so I am telling you this. Out of the door, right. On the next junction turn right and go along the channel till you see the tram tracks. Then turn right again, and go about 100m - you will see several different restaurants.

Route 39

Istanbul, Turkey

The hostel looks and feels like it needs repair. Door knobs are almost falling off. The rooms are on one floor, the bathrooms and showers are on the other floor. Kitchen is a mess. The hostel located on a street which runs very steep up the hill on one side and down the hill on the other. If you have to go to Taksim square, where you can take a bus to airport and a metro to other parts of the city, you should go up the hill.