Reviews: Anonymous

H.I. San Francisco-City Center

San Francisco, USA

Amazing hostel in a terrible neighbourhood. If seriously considering this hostel, its for sure a great place to stay but just be aware of the surrounding area outside. Streets full of homeless and addicts. The staff were great in every way and the security of the hostel is way above average.

Morningside Inn

New York, USA

The main thing this hostel is missing is a great atmosphere. You just feel like you 're in a really low budget hotel. No common room to socialize with other travelers. In addition the staff aren't a very personable staff. It seems like they're just there to do a job. I would try another place before coming back again.


I've been in hostels all over the world and have never met some one like Louis. He is so easy going and super helpful. Staying with him was an unreal first experience in New York City. I highly recommend.