Reviews: Anonymous

Parthenon Hostel

Chicago, USA

Let's be honest: this isn't really much of a hostel. It's a really decent hotel that also has dorm beds, but all the character (and there should be plently, it's an old old building) has been sucked out and painted over with a different bright color for each floor. The common areas are small, inconvienient, the kitchen is in a different building, and and it's just generally blah. That said, the location is so good it hardly matters, but I'll be trying a different hostel next time I'm in Chicago.


This hostel is a gem! It may very well be the coolest building I've ever seen a hostel in, with tons of space and character, and the men's dorm was this huge open room on the top floor with these cute little window seats. Wish I'd had more time to just hang out reading/socializing/etc. Amazing kitchen too. Sadly, the place wasn't even half full... People! If you're going to Minneapolis, stay here!