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Wombats City Hostel Budapest

Budapest, Hungary

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Hostel Prague Tyn

Prague, Czech Republic

There is a door code at the door, but on every floor, all the codes are the same. It is deceptive security. The baggage storage has very little security as well. The keys are given to people, and not supervised. The door the the luggage room is usually open. There is a cage inside that needs one of the keys, but the top is open, and the sides are ladders (horizontal bars). It would be better if a staff member went with you to supervise luggage storage and pickup like other hostels.


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Keystone House Kings Cross

London, England

I stayed here for 1 night alone to get an early Chunnel Crossing to Brussels (departing from Kings Cross) the next day. (I was moving from Cardiff to Berlin and had ALL my stuff with me.) Very VERY secure facilities and luggage storage. Girls dorm is same price as mixed dorm. I stayed in the all girls dorm. Really nice. Everyone has their own personal light and outlets! First time staying at a hostel alone. I was completely comfortable and felt safe.

Safestay York

York, England

Great location, fabulous staff, beautiful building. Complementary breakfast is a bit cheap, but better than most hostels. They did not have real butter :( Other than that, great.