Reviews: jkitching

Location: Canada, Gender: Male, Age: 27

Apple Hostels of Philadelphia

Philadelphia, USA

Despite being a seriously expensive hostel, these guys are in a good location, are extremely friendly and helpful, and put on some great events to meet people (i.e. unlimited alcohol). Tim is great fun, and took us around to a few local bars one night for one of the events.

HI Chamounix Mansion

Philadelphia, USA

I felt like this hostel was a little deceiving after I got there regarding its location -- it took over an hour to get there by bus from downtown through some slightly shady areas of Philly, plus the one-mile walk (although that part is made clear). The man who checked me in was not terribly friendly and warm, and he made me wait a while for a group checking in when I just wanted to use a bike. Not necessarily a young crowd at this hostel. The "breakfast" consisted of cook-your-own pancakes.