Reviews: Anonymous

Abercorn House Hostel

London, England

The staff was mostly friendly, but I wouldn't stay on the first floor again- it was really noisy all night and there was no sound proofing. Wifi is a pound an hour although they ran out of vouchers for a couple days. For it's location, it could be a cheaper stay- it's a solid 20 minutes into London

Plug-Inn Boutique Hostel

Paris, France

A great location, if you wander a bit North you'll find a non-touristy area which was a nice find in the middle of Paris. Liked the 4 bed private as the bathroom was clean, but there weren't any lockers. Also no large common spaces so hanging out at the hostel was not as appealing as wandering around (which is totally fine in Paris)! We were told not to take the metro in the area at night- as long as you have someone else and you don't wander down by the Moulin Rouge it feels completely safe.

Castle Rock Hostel

Edinburgh, Scotland

We absolutely loved our stay here! The hostel is spacious with themed rooms and random art all over the place, plus there are a ton of places to sit and socialize (or not- it's nice to sit in the main lounge and chill) . The showers were hot, had good pressure and were clean. Beds are comfy and although the frames are metal, they weren't squeaky. The largest bedroom had a view of Edinburgh Castle. All in all I still can't believe we paid so little for this & would definitely stay here again!!

Astor Victoria

London, England

We had a good stay. I wish my roommates hadn't been obnoxiously loud when they returned home in the middle of the night, but I guess they were just there for the party.