Reviews: Anonymous

Flying Pig Uptown

Amsterdam, Netherlands

This was a nice hostel, but definitely not for me. I am a late 20's single traveler, more interested in the history and experience of a town than straight up partying. It seemed most people here were strictly for the nightlife. I know it's Amsterdam and to be expected, but just letting you know in case your plans are similar to mine. Pros: it was really cute and breakfast was pretty awesome. Cons: So many people, it was always crowded, bathrooms were dirty in the morning after the partying.

Hostella Female Only

Rome, Italy

I loved this place! It is minutes from the Central Train Station, which is a godsend after flying in and taking the train into the city. A word of caution, the "small sign" out front, is really ... no sign out front. At least not that I could find. You can find their name on the buzzer to ring into the building though, so once I figured that out, easy peasy. The staff were nice, linens were clean, the breakfast was good, and bathrooms were spacious. Definitely recommend staying here.