Reviews: Anonymous

Smart Camden Inn Hostel

London, England

It's 10 pounds a night and you get what you pay for. You have to put down a 10 pound key deposit, so be aware of that before you get there. At least it had outlets in every room. Breakfast ended at 9:30, which is the earliest of any hostel I've been to. The duvets were dirty and the rooms looked like they hadn't been cleaned in a while. But it's a good location near the Camden Markets, and I'm a poor college student, so I dealt with it, but if you have less limited finances go somewhere else

Astor Museum Inn

London, England

Great Location, a little expensive but worth the price. Wasn't impressed with the shower and it could have used more outlets, but that's my only complaint. They have a a luggage storage room so you can lock your stuff up during the day, they also have food available 24/7 in the kitchen. Beds are about as comfy as they come in Hostels, and the front desk was nice and helpful.