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Location: USA, Gender: Male, Age: 28

A pleasant surprise! Everything was great and what you'd expect from a hostel in a big city. I was a bit surprised b/c Luoyang can feel off the beaten path for the average tourist in China... but this hostel has a good bar, reasonable prices, is clean, and has a cool location in Old Town Luoyang. I'd highly recommend it! (If you are looking for a good location to Longmen, Shaolin, and White Horse Temple you won't find one ... they are all far from each other so this hostel is as good as any).


Average hostel; they have the ability to be great though! Harbin doesn't have many hostels & this one could be the best. Food & bar area is massive; drinks are good & environment was awesome with live music. Rooms were nice & clean as well. I think the "over-heating" problem is fixed from previous comments ... we were comfortable. English at reception & bar is barely manageable; location is ok b/c it's close to metro line; it's a new hostel so they're still working out some of the details.

Saga Youth Hostel

Beijing, China

They have all the amenities you could want; tour options are awesome (highly recommend the 1st Great Wall Tour on the list); Staff was very helpful and speaks English: This hostel takes business very seriously and has gone to great lengths to ensure everything is the best. The environment is great and the bar/hang out area is exceptional. The food and drinks are super good but really expensive (worth the price) and the lady who works the bar is absolutely awesome! Bar closes noon-6pm :(

Suzhou Watertown Hostel

Suzhou, China

This was a good hostel, cool atmosphere & I would recommend it to others! We were there during the off season so things were a bit slower. The only small issues we had were: We booked a 4 bed mixed dorm online but when we got there they didn't have it... we ended up paying extra to get a private room. The 2nd small issue was that the room was pretty cold. I prefer to sleep cold but it was a little too cold (the heater turned on but just kinda blew air around rather than heating the room).

Touran Backpacker Hostel

Hangzhou, China

One of my favorite hostels I've seen in China! Owen and the rest of the staff were extremely fun, adventurous, and helpful with everything! The food was great (highly recommend Spaghetti Carbonara) and prices were definitely reasonable. I also really liked the overall feel and atmosphere or Touran. The directions seemed tough to follow when we were arriving, but they really are accurate if you just follow them exactly (Get off the bus at the zoo stop right after a major intersection).

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Dear Dan Thanks for your great comment,I hope we can meet each other again Owen


Reasonably located near a metro station


This truly was a legitimately great hostel. Good common area, attracts true travelers and a fun diverse crowd. English is casually spoken at the front desk and beds are great. The patio/koi pond thing is really awesome too. Great atmosphere. Thanks!


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U Hostels

Madrid, Spain

This is a solid hostel. Extremely nice for a hostel and all the showers, bathrooms, hang out areas on each floor, are all super modern and new looking. The character was great but it is a little trickier to meet random people in this hostel because it is sooo big and spread out that people have a funny way of separating into groups. They DO plan cool evening outings though and a lot of people can go out and meet that way ... I just found it a little tough to meet people during the day.

Hostel One Sants

Barcelona, Spain

FAVORITE HOSTEL IN EUROPE! Rapha is the heartbeat of the hostel! The entire staff are super cool, no one just works in this hostel they live the mentality of a traveler. There are Sangria lessons, unexpected gravity defeating surprizes (go to find out ;) .... LINDA the cleaning lady is really nice!, worlds best party coordinator, FREE (& good) dinner; they ask where your going & then give tips about cool things in that area... It truly felt like leaving home and leaving a family. Cheers guys!

St Christopher's Village

London, England

The hostel is affiliated with the bar next door. The bouncers are big guys with small brains and like to antagonize people just so they can throw them out. I am a reasonable guy and always try to be fair but this hostel will not get a good rating from me. The bouncers lied to the hostel staff saying I was fighting with them (b/c I met 3 other guys who got kicked out). The hostel did not hear my side and kicked me out of the hostel - no $ back, no deposit, & after midnight. SERIOUS ABUSE OF POWER

Four Courts Hostel

Dublin, Ireland

This truly was an outstanding hostel. Amazing atmosphere, extremely accomodating staff, good areas to hang out ... I just can´t say enough good about this place, I´ve seen a lot of hostels and this one seems to have hit it spot on with the details! Little things like helping with planning a day trip, or providing free international phones, earnest sincerity behind the reception desk. I highly recommend stopping by! Thanks for everything guys!


This hostel was really great. Kylie (staff) was super laid back and always willing to help and be flexible! They understand what being a backpacker is like and this hostel has done a lot to make travelling simple and comfortable. This was one of those hostels that had a really cool crowd! Be carefully though ... It is easy to spend the whole day in the hostel because its so cool :) Best showers I have seen since I've been travelling so far. Highly recommend!


I liked this hostel but I stayed in its sister hostel (Alessandro downtown) and liked the downtown hostel more. The biggest advantage of this one though, is it has a bar.


Decent hostel for sure! I would recommend it... The directions were awesome on the site, despite the fact that its fairly complicated getting there. Good place! Naples kinda sucks but this hostel is awesome ;)

C.C.Ly Hostel

Catania, Italy

I had one of the most unique hostel experiences at CCly since I've been traveling ver a month now. They do a ton of extra little things that combine into a great experience. ALL of the staff is super nice and they make an amazing meal most nights that try let me join for a couple Euros. Other little things: they do your laundry for you for cheap (sun dry), they have chess and puzzle things in the common area, they helped me plan a day trip to Etna... And so on. Just very friendly anaccommodatin


I loved this hostel. It definitely is a bit of a party hostel and people can come in late, but I liked it a lot and would highly recommend it. Staff is awesome and very helpful. The only thing that was slightly annoying is that I had to switch rooms during the last night of my reservation and 2 other friends in my original room had to switch on rooms on their 2nd day. But not a huge deal in the end. Cheers!

Generator Hostel Hamburg

Hamburg, Germany

This hostel is great! It just has everything you would expect from a good hostel ... Friendly and helpful staff, a bar, even a security guy at the door! Highly recommend

Aloha Hostel

Paris, France

Had a great stay! the staff all speak English and are very willing to help in anyway possible! thanks!