Reviews: Anonymous

Location: USA, Gender: Male, Age: 27

Moloch Hostel

Cancun, Mexico

Really nice, clean, well-managed hostel. However, it's run a bit strictly and feels like a college dorm--they require guests to wear non-removable wristbands, which felt kind of ridiculous. On the other hand, I'm sure it helps with security. Overall, still liked it a lot.

Hostel Zocalo

Merida, Mexico

Nice, friendly place. Pretty much the best possible location in Merida. Staff was mostly very helpful during the several days I was there, with a few exceptions. They'd overbooked my room, but luckily I got there first. If not, I would have lost my spot. Oscar does awesome tours, highly recommended. One other guy who worked for Oscar, on the other hand, was pretty mediocre, so you might want to confirm who's actually running the tour before you decide.

Sakura Hostel Asakusa

Tokyo, Japan

Great place overall, no problems. Long walk from the metro stations, though. Social environment is nice, but a bit like a college dorm. Very western-style place and staff members, which may be good or bad to you.

Time Peace Apartment

Sapporo, Japan

Love this place, very small and personal. The staff is awesome and very friendly (when I was there it was Matsu and Teru). Even though it's a hostel and fairly modest, everything worked perfectly and was well taken-care of, and the place is designed very thoughtfully (curtains for each bed, doors that close quietly, etc.).

Hotel Taj Plaza

Agra, India

Nice place, all facilities worked very well, friendly and helpful stuff. Not a lot of character or social scene like a nice hostel might have, but that's not surprising since Agra is a quick day-stop for so many people. Restaurant is overpriced, but food is good (not great). Security is questionable--room locks/keys are super-basic and easily picked.

Ram Bhawan Residency

Varanasi, India

First: You must bring your own padlock! You can buy one on the street for like Rs30. Nice place, great vibe, cool decor, friendly staff, nice social scene. Free breakfast is minimal (bananas, toast, butter, chutney, cereal, coffee, tea), though the lunch is really impressive (full balanced Indian meal). For me, a room with just a fan wasn't enough to sleep well in Varanasi summer heat, so consider a room with AC. Cafe on the roof is pretty tasty, though expensive by local standards.

Khangsar Guest House

Kathmandu, Nepal

Nice staff. Decent, clean place by Nepal standards. Beware that, like most places, they suffer from the city-wide power-shedding (i.e. no power except for emergency lights for huge intervals during the day). The wifi sucked majorly while I was there, and I ended up having to go to wifi cafes to find anything usable. There was also a roach in my room, but otherwise everything seemed pretty clean and I didn't see anything else sketchy, so just chalking that up to bad luck. Otherwise was okay.

Abraham Hostel Jerusalem

Jerusalem, Israel

Great place, very nice and new and clean. Staff is super-friendly. Does have a bit of a college dorm vibe to it, since it's pretty big and busy, but overall a very comfortable and friendly place to stay. Only criticism I have is that access to the luggage storage room seems a bit less secure than it ought to be (but they do warn you against putting any valuables in there).

Jordan Tower Hostel

Amman, Jordan

Great place, nice facilities (for the price), great rooftop view and location, super-helpful and thoughtful staff, very generous free breakfast, and seems to attract a nice crowd (based on when I was there, anyway). The prices for tours and other things they arrange are fair for the region, albeit not the absolute best. Wetrooms are clean but a bit cramped and meager, but that's typical for hostels at this price range. Otherwise I really liked it.

Dina's Hostel

Cairo, Egypt

Awesome place. I got a private room (shared bathroom). Staff was incredibly friendly/helpful. Everything was super-clean. Very warm and inviting. Free breakfast, too. Worth noting: the lift can't be called from the top floor, so beware if handicapped/injured--you'll be walking down 4-5 flights of stairs. Also mild mosquito problem, but nothing awful and they have repellent in each room if it's an issue. Only one electrical outlet per room (in my room at least)