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New swanky hostel...Everything fresh. But situated in a creepy part of the town. I did not like the atmosphere at all. But as i said hostel was nice and staff was great. The only problem was the bathroom. The floor of the shower is at the same level as the rest of the bathroom. The water runs out every time you take a shower.


London, England

good hostel. but the bunks beds posed quite a challenge. they had no handles and no proper stairs to climb up. also the rooms were too crowded.

Amsterdam Hostel Annemarie

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Not worth the money they charge. You can get better hotels at the same price! The rooms were shabby. The stairs were so steep that you could barely walk up and down the stairs. The breakfast was average. Just bread, butter and jam. The only redeeming feature was the location. Its just opposite the concert hall and five minutes from the Rijks museum and the Stedlijk museum.

EU Centralhotel im Tönnchen

Dusseldorf, Germany

I highly recommend this hotel. its a great value for money. Breakfast was good. Bathrooms were clean. Rooms were nice. For less than 40 euros this place is great.

Q4 Hotel

New York, USA

New York is one of the most expensive places on earth. As such Q4 Hostel which is within a 10 minutes metro-ride from Manhattan provides you with a place to stay within your budget. The rooms are nice, well furnished and clean. But I had a problem with the bathroom. The shower area had a glass door that could not be locked. So that was quite uncomfortable. Further with 40$ per night one would have expected them to serve you with breakfast but that was not the case. But it was nice overall.

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Berliner Bed and Breakfast

Berlin, Germany

If you wanna private room within a tiny budget then this is the place for you. The building is old and has a lot of old world charm to it. Bathrooms are clean and nice. Breakfast was good too. However my room was in the first floor and overlooked a background parking space. it put me off. Further the corridors that led to the rooms were always dark. The heating system in the bathroom did not work properly. Overall an average B&B. Stay here if you want a nice, homely atmosphere within your budget