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Ashfield Hostel

Dublin, Ireland

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Kinlay House Cork

Cork, Ireland

After coming from an incredibly lively hostel I was a bit taken aback that this one was not very lively and was disappointed there was nowhere other than the kitchen to sit and relax because the tv room was under construction (I understand that you wanted to add something for future residents but maybe add a couch to the computer room or something)


I didn't get to stay here for as long as I had wished but the experience I had while there was great! It was right down a busy pedestrian street and there were pubs and shops and an excellent fish and chip take-away all right there! Next time I'm in Galway I will for sure stay here again (and make sure I spend more time in and around the city too)

Isaacs Hostel

Dublin, Ireland

This was the best place we could have possibly spent our first 5 nights in Ireland!! The staff were friendly and helpful, the lobby area was ALWAYS full of people ready to meet new people and invite you along to do things! It wasn't TOO far from Temple Bar as long as you don't mind walking a small amount! The only downside to the entire experience was the floor right inside our dorm room door was VERY squeaky and if anyone went in or out you would be woken up (and I'm not a light sleeper)

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Thanks for your great response. We will look at that squeaky floor.