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Location: USA, Gender: Female, Age: 23

Mosquito Hostel

Krakow, Poland

What a great hostel! Good breakfast & dinner, awesome staff, comfy beds, big lockers, & nice bathrooms. This is one of the best stays I've had! What you get included in the price - amazing!!

Astor Victoria

London, England

Pretty good place to stay. Good location, staff was nice but not outgoingly helpful (i.e. not offering up info w/o being asked -like not saying "here's the key to get into the luggage storage room" after asking about storing luggage), showers were hot but barely a drizzle, included breakfast was great (just cereal, bread, PB, etc. but LOTS of it), WiFi always worked (amazing!), TONS of stairs if you're on the 4th floor! I would check out other places too, but this is not a bad choice overall!!

Castle Rock Hostel

Edinburgh, Scotland

One of my favorite hostel stays so far! The place is totally laid back & a great atmosphere for meeting people. The huge, completely stocked (dishes, appliances, refrigerators, etc.) kitchen was a huge bonus, and the lounge area was a great place to hang out. The free hot chocolate, tea, and coffee was a great plus, too. The location can't be beat (right near the castle end of the Royal Mile), either! The only bad things were a slightly hard bed & the WiFi goes out at night. I can't say enough!

Kabul Backpackers Hostel

Barcelona, Spain

I had a great time! Absolutely perfect, free entrance to awesome clubs every night, good breakfast (and free lunch & dinner if you want it), a great lounge area, WiFi in the rooms (although sometimes slow & cuts out), cool bartenders, and comfortable rooms all made my stay wonderful. Kabul offers unparalleled value - I was happily surprised!


Overall, I had a good stay. I was a little pissed when I was told that I could not get new blankets after another guest drunkenly peed on my bed in the middle of the night (and also that she had no repercussions, i.e. paying for an extra night and refunding one of mine), but there may have been a language issue there. It would be nice to have WiFi throughout the hostel, instead of just the corridor, and I did not know about the 3am curfew before booking. Overall, average, but worth the price.

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You had new blankets, even if no pee was detected. The drunk guest left very early in the morning so we couldn't speak with her. The 3am curfew is stated in the Hostelworld website and in the confirmation notes. The WiFi is in the corridor ( where you have tables and sofas) and in the breakfast room, but the technician said it is impossible to bring it in the rooms, because the walls are too thick, beeing a XVI century building.