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Maribor, Slovenia

Staff are really helpful with a location that is close to everything. A brilliant family type kitchen and a good enough free breakfast with lots of free food on offer. The staff could not be better!

Tiger Tims Place

Budapest, Hungary

I was greeted by Ivy (call her Miami) as soon as I arrived who showed me my air conditioned room and comfy bed. From there she got out a map and took me through pretty much anything I would to do in the city with a bigs mile on her face. Kitchen had good facilities and two fridges, with multiple hot showers on offer. I like to walk so 30 mons to centre or two stops on metro (5 mins). Atmosphere was good, people got on and were open to talk to each other and they do bar crawls.

A&O Wien Hauptbahnhof

Vienna, Austria

Well I was told that Vienna was gonna be a right tear up but as far as full throttle banter goes there's not even a pinch of snatch or group of boys to get enough laughs in. Staff couldn't be less helpful, not knowing cheap places to eat or even bars to go to! As said in other reviews, they always seem to be doing you a favour as though their job is solely to check you in. Did not appreciate having to pay for bedding with their leather mattresses and un air conditioned rooms. Kitchen the worst

Boomerang Hostel

Antwerp, Belgium

I only stayed one night but enjoyed the atmosphere, the park nearby is cool and it's an easy city to get around. Staff were helpful although the woman on the desk seemed fed up. She should smile more :D


Up until the morning of my flight I thought this hostel was the perfect pre-flight hostel in Lima. It´s cheap, offers a satisfying kitchen with good facilities, wifi, good beds and great location. If you have an alarm clock, no worries! But my alarm clock was stolen and so I requested the hostel got me up at 5.30 for my flight, it was logged in to the system along with my taxi booking. I wasn´t woken up as the night shift didn´t check the computer. I caught my flight okay, but not good enough.


The kitchen looks like it sucks but you can actually use it okay. It gets a little dirty though and when I did a big clean it didn't take long to go back to the way it was - I'd suggest the cleaners clean the kitchen as well daily, but they don't. Location great, waves are good and you can have a good time, there's not actually that much to do here. DVD selection is good. I recommend visiting the German run vegetarian restaurant down the beach, really good quality.

Ekeko Hostel

Lima, Peru

Very cheap enjoyable hostel. Interesting interior, good vibes, main worker uses google translate to solve language barriers. Good kitchen, needs a collider though. Don't touch the pipe in the shower or you will get electrocuted, maybe sort that out ekeko or include a sign? Good location as it's a 10 min walk from party Miraflores, bus at top of the road to Lima centre, close to bus terminals and right by a supermarket.


Very chilled vibe compared to the other two - yes I survived them. Pool is nice for the few hours it is in the sun, weather was good and I just wish the pool was not numbingly cold. Food is decent and the weekend is good fun. Don-t skip Arequipa, it is a cool city.

HI-Inka Pacha

Copacabana, Bolivia

Beautiful view from the hostel, as wi everyone on the island, did not spend much time at the hostel but I got a room to myself and enjoyed a good night sleep in the comfy bed. The woman in reception was lovely and although I didn't try them, the surrounding restaurants looked good.

Loki Backpackers La Paz

La Paz, Bolivia

Decent hostel, good beds. Shower was alright and I'm sure if you stay long enough you can meet a lot of people. Breakfast the standard of everywhere else, bar at WR is probably better. Staff very friendly and appreciate it if you try out some Spanish as you don't get that much at Loki :)


A really good experience at Wild Rover. I'm now 2/3 of the way of becoming one. I'd say the bar in La Paz was better however there is a great vibe here and it's very enjoyable. Pretty much all gringo bar staff, looked easy enough to get a job there so consider it- looked good fun. Rooms good size as a the comfortable beds. Hot showers. The guy that works behind reception who wears a Metalica top is great, always smiling and so useful. WR needs to work on its Internet though!

Hostal Magico

Cusco, Peru

I only was at the hostel for about 12 hours. It's very cheap and the beds are comfy. The internet was fine and the breakfast was pretty standard. I had a cold shower and decided to pay a little more and move to a better hostel. No real problems at the hostel :)

Wild Rover Backpackers

La Paz, Bolivia

Well to start if it was possible to click beyond Excellent then that is how good the staff is at Wild Rover. Paola and Cristina are the best hostel workers maybe on the planet and should one day own the hostel. I enjoyed my time at Wild Rover, the beds were brilliant, the showers were hot and the ambiance was fun and enjoyable. Disapointed there is no kitchen, would really make it super dooper!

Gringo's Rincon Hostel

Sucre, Bolivia

Gringo's Rincon is definitely the best hostel I've ever stayed at. It offers a friendly ambiance, it's incredibly cheap and Mike, the hostel's only staff is beyond helpful! I stayed for a week and enjoyed the night life, I loved studying in Sucre (as were most residence) and you can really make a lot of friends. The hostel is so clean and has everything you need. The internet sucks but for that price you cannot complain in the slightest.


I had a really enjoyable time at this hostel. The staff are excellent (especially Julia who helped me with everything from booking my next hostel, checking bus times and helping me find out all other possible things I'd need) and the hostel is self is such a bargain! Only 40 pesos! The dinner I got was very good and they do offer coffee and something else for breakfast which I found to be better than hostels that say they offer breakfast!

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Palermo House

Buenos Aires, Argentina

The hostel is very cheap and the rooms are clean, large and enjoyable. Houses the best staff in Buenos Aires, especially Denise and Tiago (Denise may even sing a song about a bird to you if she likes you and you're nice). Brilliant location and near all the bars, supermarkets and sites you need. Subte accesses all of the city. The hostel is addictive, recommend staying here if you're paying a visit to BA!

El Sol Hostel de Recoleta

Buenos Aires, Argentina

I only stayed one night as the place I wanted to move was booked, so was barely there. Noticeably clean, very good wifi in whole building, staff very helpful with multiple languages. The balcony is very nice, I was just unfortunate to be sleeping above the most untidy person in Buenos Aires - you win some you lose some.

Hostel Bambu

Foz do Iguacu, Brazil

No one is going to stay in Foz for long, but everyone will enjoy their stay - and even more so at a hostel like Bambu! Short walk to the bus stop that goes to the falls, an excellent breakfast and a fantastic kitchen you can really enjoy yourself here. The people I had on my one night were enjoyable and the whole hostel were in conversation.

Submarino Hostel

Florianopolis, Brazil

I had a really good time at the hostel. The staff are all very friendly and helpful, the whole feel around the hostel is very enjoyable and it's so close to both the beaches and the clubs. The breakfast is top notch and the hostel provides you with opportunities to do anything in Floripa!

Curitiba Backpackers Hostel

Curitiba, Brazil

I had a great time there, not many people visit Curitiba so you get a lot of space. It's a good location, close to the centre and for the amount you spend it's a great value for money. The kitchen is very good I think. The only thing I thought they needed to work on was there breakfast which consisted of something sweet and a toastie, coffee was sometimes there. Usually it was. I recommend it to anyone who wants to visit Curitiba (which is amazing) and who was on a tight budget like myself.