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The Local NYC

New York, USA

Really nice place with nice people all around. Very close to midtown and close to a hip area in Queens--Hunters Point

Hostel Villa Angelina Old Town

Dubrovnik, Croatia

This place is not perfect in terms of facilities, but it's the kind of small, homey atmosphere that really brings the guests together. The owners are a young Croatian couple who care passionately about their business and their guests, and they really make the stay much more special. I really enjoyed my stay.

Fauzi Azar Inn

Nazareth, Israel

A wonderful place. Stay here.

Abraham Hostel Jerusalem

Jerusalem, Israel

No customer comment

Yildizhan Otel Hostel

Pamukkale, Turkey

Definitely avoid this hotel if at all possible. I was forced to stay here simply because I booked too late to stay anywhere else, but had the exact same experience as a previous commenter where, upon arrival, the owner pretended like he had never heard of this booking site and tried to charge me double the cost. Since I was prepared for this, I was able to easily talk him down, but I was also the only guest in the place. I would imagine you'd have much more trouble with him in the busy season.

Sabah Pansiyon

Antalya, Turkey

A quirky, family run affair. Lack of shower facilities wasn't really a problem during off season but I could see it being trickier during the busier times. Breakfast is served in the restaurant and is quite good with a lovely courtyard. A great way to start your day!

Sultan Hostel

Istanbul, Turkey

a decent place with above average breakfast and below average showers

Pagration Youth Hostel

Athens, Greece

This was a very clean and safe hostel with a few quirks that made it pretty unique. The kid working the front was goofy and very eager to help and hang out. The value was great, but there were a few downsides to this place. Namely, you should be aware that the location is quite safe (big plus) but rather far from the center. Additionally, the hostel has cameras and intercoms all around that the owner can (and does) simply watch and listen in all of the happenings, which is a little Orwellian.


Chania, Greece

No customer comment

Granada Inn Backpackers

Granada, Spain

No customer comment