Reviews: Anonymous

Arenal Backpackers Resort

La Fortuna, Costa Rica

This hostel provided information for easy booking of tours and transfers. The pool area is really relaxing and the food in the restaurant was good. I stayed in tent which was ripped on the bottom therefore I was unable to fully close and lock the tent itself. The mattresses in the tent were directly on the somewhat open platform- would have been nicer if the three single bed tent mattresses were elevated like the beds in the other tents.

Hostel Plinio

Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica

Very spacious room for one of the 4 person dorms. Loved the set up with pool and restaurant. The breakfast provided had a decent assortment of fruit. Really nice staff.

El Viajero Cartagena Hostel

Cartagena, Colombia

This was more of a party hostel where you will definitely have the opportunity to mingle with other travelers. Party hostel confirmed by dorm roommate passed out on the pavement outside our room after a night out. It provides activities and good information on tours with an upbeat atmosphere. The wifi definitely is not consistent with mobile devices so that was a negative.

Divanga Bed & Breakfast

Taganga, Colombia

Nice hostel located short walk from the waterfront. The pool surrounded by hammocks makes for a really relaxing atmosphere. The restaurant has some decent options and the bar tender whips up tasty blended drinks. The lower rating is reflective of the burglary that occurred during our stay there (luckily it did not involve our room), but it was not a surprise considering the surrounding community. The staff is very helpful with providing information on trips and transportation.

Hostal Hogar Cuencano

Cuenca, Ecuador

This hostel was in a perfect location for close proximity to sites in the city. The private room was really updated, clean and comfortable. Very quiet place so that was appreciated and staff were very helpful.

Erupcion Hostel Banos

Banos, Ecuador

The hostel provides one of the better breakfasts that I have had on my trip. It was at times difficult to figure out which staff member to approach for information because there were several people also working at the restaurant and staff were basically Spanish speaking only.

Iguassu Guest House

Foz do Iguacu, Brazil

This was one of my favorite hostels for several reasons. There was a pool which was clean and useable. The staff were always available and helpful with information for area and getting away. The bar area was nice to socialize but did not set up such a loud party ambience. Once the music turns off by 12 then it is really quiet. The kitchen is really clean and is useable. An average breakfast is provided and was even given to us at 5 AM before we left for the airport. I would stay here again!

Sunset Backpackers

Florianopolis, Brazil

Really nice hostel with beautiful view overlooking lake with decent bar/ restaurant atmosphere. This was VERY much a party hostel, so if you are looking for a quiet environment for a full night sleep this is prob not the place for you. There is a younger crowd that goes out partying most nights a week, some of which continue their rowdiness from 5-7 am. The free breakfast is definitely above average with a variety of fruit, breads, juices.

Negrita Hostel

Punta del Este, Uruguay

The staff here were extremely helpful with looking up information for me without any prompting needed. It's a very laid back atmosphere, but was really vacant at the time I went due to it no longer being high season. The dorms were very basic...concrete floor, no lockers, a little buggy. Breakfast was included but was only toasted bread and coffe/ tea.

Che Lagarto Hostel Colonia

Colonia del Sacramento, Uruguay

Only complaint was that the room I stayed in was located right next to where the outdoor hang out area was so it was loud when trying to sleep. If you are interested in cooking the kitchen is relatively equipped and clean. Hostel is located very close to the bus station and ferry.