Reviews: Anonymous

Tayta Wasi Hostel

Cusco, Peru

The hostel itself is very nice -- clean rooms/bathrooms with maid service each day and fresh towels. Very friendly staff and some of the BEST included breakfast we had at any hostel... situated in a cute room "restaurant" upstairs. Only downside is the location. Only about a 15 min. walk to Plaza De Armas, but not the safest walk or cleanest area around the hostel. Worth it to me and my husband for the savings and nice rooms.

Tambopata Hostel

Puerto Maldonado, Peru

We LOVED our rainforest tour (2 day/1 night... guide was Erick) booked through the hostel.. and LOVED the hostel itself. Fun people... cool "summer camp" setup -- pretty foliage, decent breakfast included, and nice hammocks. Showers, though outdoors along with the toilets, were kept VERY clean and had good water heat and pressure. Highly recommend.


1900 Backpackers Hostel had a fun vibe with a good common area and good security. It is not in the BEST neighborhood but is a relatively short walk to one of two main plazas... our room was cold and in a center hallway so was quite noisy and bright... the whole hostel is open-aired which makes it cold at night... but the blankets were sufficient. Common bathrooms were not bad, pretty standard and had toilet seats (sounds weird.. but a plus in Peru!) The airport pickup service forgot about us..

City Circus Athens

Athens, Greece

Love this new, modern, unique hostel. Great d├ęcor, friendly staff, delicious and hearty breakfast. Cool clientele and clean rooms. Would stay again!


Athens, Greece

Cool vibe - nice lobby. Computers and game area in the basement. Wifi did not work in our room though. Great location to city center where you want to be. Fun, cool clientele. Would return. :)

Freedom Traveller

Rome, Italy

Amazing staff - cool vibes and young/fun clientele. Could be cleaner (kitchen area, rooms), but it is good value for what you pay. Great location 15 minute easy walk right to the Colleseum. Helpful staff gives this place a bonus. Would most likely return. :)

Hotel Esperia Capri

Capri, Italy

We LOVED our 1-night stay as we were granted the best top level corner room, (per my request for my honeymoon), with the most AMAZING views you could probably EVER get of Capri, the cliffs, and the ocean. UNREAL. Balcony made the room but the room itself was actually quite small and not the cleanest. We did not care though - loved it here!

Seven Hostel

Sorrento, Italy

This place is one of the most modern, updated, and cleanest hostels I have ever been to. LOVED it! The clientele are young, fun, friendly - the rooftop bar/lounge is UNREAL with amazing views, great set up, cheap food and drinks. The rooms are spacious and clean he bathrooms are efficient, great showers, immaculately clean. Friendly and helpful staff - great lobby/common areas with included breakfast. LOVED!! Would return. :) Only downside is train to Sorrento center is 10 min. walk then ride

Franz House

Florence, Italy

Loved the staff (Givanni), GREAT location, passable room and the bathroom was clean. Did not use the kitchen facilities. Stayed three comfortable nights - good value for the money, especially the location right on the river. :) Would return.