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Rainbow Hostel Dingle

Dingle, Ireland

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The woman's bathroom ran out of toilet paper and it was never replaced, as the staff seemed to be absent most of the time. Also, at one point the bathroom was smeared with a mysterious substance that was not cleaned up. The staff was very friendly when present. Also, be warned that they might make the entire payment through without notice, rather than in person. The provided computer was extremely slow, taking up to 4 minutes to load a page.

Keystone House Kings Cross

London, England

I really enjoyed my stay at Keystone House Kings Cross. The beds were SUPER comfortable and we were able to stay in a three-person private room for a very reasonable price. The hostel itself didn't have much character but was located in a neighborhood with lots of hip bars and cheap but delicious restaurants. It was definitely a pleasant stay and I would highly recommend it to anyone.