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War Hostel

Sarajevo, Bosnia And Herzegovina

War hostel is an amazing experience. The movie nights in the bunker are especially a nice treat. This isn't a party hostel- but a total experience. Go on the Sarajevo siege tour (war tour). It's absolutely worth it!!!

At Grandmas

Shkoder, Albania

We actually didn't even stay at "At Grandmas" because of the terrible security and lack of organization. There were no directions on the website or after you book. It simply says "we're behind the radio building" but.... if you're a tourist and have NO IDEA WHERE THAT IS- good luck finding it. We ended up finding a hotel with a boy who had a cell phone to call the owner who then met us at the hotel. We didn't end up staying because of the lack of security (no keys, no lockers, etc)

Milingona Hostel

Tirana, Albania

I wish there were more showers/bathrooms (only 3 for 20+ beds. Kinda cramped, but overalll- great and oh so helpful staff! I love them! :) Thanks for the amazing tips and breakfast and stay!

Hostel Le Jardin

Belgrade, Serbia

I wish the bathroom had hooks.... hooks EVERYWHERE!

The Crib

Plovdiv, Bulgaria

The only suggestion I would have is to have more hooks (to hang towels/jackets/etc) in the room/bathrooms.

House of Journey

Penang, Malaysia

I LOVE this hostel. Mostly for the staff and the amazing location. Rayson and Cheryl made me "pleasantly plump" with all the amazing food suggestions- and I thank them 1000x for it! :) I actually ended up staying 3 nights instead of just 1. :) A few things to note: one wall is made of wood slats- so while the privacy and air flow is great- you can also hear a lot. The other thing is that if you need anything (towel, blanket) they have them available at the desk. Just ask!

The Mad Monkey

Phnom Penh, Cambodia

I stayed here with my friend. Her makeup bag went missing (it was sitting IN her bag- under her bed). Apparently the cleaner lady thought "someone had left it behind" and took it. The bag was riffled through and some stuff was missing. I, personally, had no problems with this hostel- though I'm not a huge fan of Phnom Penh.

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Dear Valued Guest We are really sorry to hear this as management we were completely unaware of this issue and would of certainly dealt with it accordingly if it had been brought to our attention? We can honestly say that on a day to day basis we are handed in a abundance of lost property including wallets with money, ipods & phones from housekeeping. @ The Mad Monkey have a strict policy on customers safety & belongings we just wish we could of addressed this on the day. Safe travels Team Monkey

Long Hostel

Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

I had a great room on the first floor. the air-con was stellar and the helpful family was awesome. Breakfast in the morning was also much appreciated. :) I did hear about a lot of people's stuff getting stolen, so if you stay anywhere in HCMC, make sure you lock up your stuff properly and keep everything on you close to your body.

PP BackPackers

Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

I LOVED my stay at PP's. "the boy" was really considerate and kind and hard-working. The main owner is the sweetest girl that I have met during my travels. I would recommend this place to anyone who is traveling to vietnam! The only downside was that the air-con is a little on the weak-side-- but once we mentioned it to the owner, she had it fixed the next day!

Annie's Place

Alice Springs, Australia

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Corona Backpackers

Cairns, Australia

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Vibes Hostel

Quito, Ecuador

I loved this hostel. Everything was fantastic. The professionalism and directions and help and location was all fantastic. I especially appreciated the wheat-bread at breakfast!