Reviews: Anonymous

HI NYC Hostel

New York, USA

Maybe I'm used to awesome independent hostels abroad, but my first US hostel stay was a little bit underwhelming. . Staff very nice and efficient. Not a real social atmosphere (lots of school groups and no onsite bar ), and loud rude dorm mates made sleeping s a challenge. Good safe location a block from the 1 Subway line, some good food nearby. Overall not a bad choice if you're a budget traveler visiting NYC, but do be prepared for a very institutional and sterile feeling place.

Asylum Sydney

Sydney, Australia

Good value hostel in the heart of a very expensive city. 2 minutes walk from Kings Cross station and a myriad of surrounding attractions (the flip side is that ambient street noise can be quite loud on weekends). Bathrooms clean, room smelled a bit funky, but common area very well maintained (with free internet access). Staff and guests very friendly, festive atmosphere predominates. Overall a great choice for a social backpacker finding themselves in Sydney.

Hanoi Kangaroo Hostel

Hanoi, Vietnam

An excellent value place for solo travellers who want a clean and well appointed room to themselves. Any minor issues I had were quickly attended to by the incredible staff (who deserve special mention). I left a significant amount of my valuables and money with them during an overnight cruise (one I didn't even book through them) and not a cent was touched. Great location in the Old Quarter and the free breakfast seals the deal. Go to the Hanoi Backpackers for the bar but spend the night here.

Hue Backpackers Hostel

Hue, Vietnam

Very tightly run hostel with good secure space for storing luggage and belongings and comfortable beds in quiet dorms. Tour desk gives rip off prices and the one shower per dorm can lead to morning logjams, but these are minor quibbles. Definitely the most social place in Hue, but certainly not a party hostel on the level of their branches in Hanoi (bar shuts down at 11 which is good for ensuring adequate sleep. Well worth a stay for a solo traveller.

Blue Dream Hostel

Koh Phangan, Thailand

Great warm up events for the 'Moon' Parties and a very nice social atmosphere. Fan dorms 80 Baht a night I am willing to overlook quite a bit. Great spot if you are intending to go to Half Moon, bit far from Hat Rin.


Great place to stay if you find yourself in Kata. They have just moved to new location which is a beautiful villa type place on a hill with a jacuzzi pool that lends itself well to sunbathing. Rick and Gary are the most gracious and friendly hosts, really make you feel like you are a guest at their home. Dorms clean and comfortable, very nice bathroom for a hostel. Bit of a walk to the beach, but the staff are always willing to give you a lift down for drinks. Highly recommended.