Reviews: Anonymous

Location: USA, Gender: Female, Age: 33

Ikoi-no-Ie Kyoto

Kyoto, Japan

Very close to Kyoto station and a very friendly staff. You check in at a different location than your stay, but these are just streets away. We enjoyed having a kitchen to sit and eat and occasionally visit with others. Take care to eat out early if you want to go to a restaurant. Things close early in this part of town. The supermarket (24 hours) is very close by and a delicious udon shop. Also try a soba dessert place just down the street. It's newly opened and incredible


Awesome and incredibly helpful staff. We stayed in the double private room and it was even better than we had anticipated. Great access to 3 subways entrances, Shrines nearby and a ramen noodle shop (you can see it from the hostel entrance) that we both enjoyed. Highly recommend this hostel. We'd actually plan on going to only K's hostel options if we had gone to this one prior to making other reservations. We spoke to people who were staying in the Kyoto location and they were happy with it