Reviews: BubbaB

Location: USA, Gender: Male, Age: 72

If this were a yacht, I'd name it -LE PETIT PRINCE- location, location, location. No HDTV, no toaster, no lockers, no geyser, no prob. Still the patio kitchen has a feel of provence I favored. Unforgettable holiday holidaying with an ABBA touch that may not last forever.


Sampling the "full pension" meals was good. MBIH's a youth mecca with activities to wit and a sense of non-stop fun partying. No tears here, just reflective of the SoBe energetic vitality, like a wildly popular night club.


If this were a yacht, I'd name it -INCOGNITO-. The trip requiring two or three Lynx routes is to be factored, 50 & 56 but of course Orlando-Kissimmee's quite vast.


If this were a yacht I'd name it -UNFORGETTABLE II-. Attention paid to detail creates the comforting backpackers' lodge Tampa deserves. Why gripe -this's perfection? These folks eat their hearts out for backpackers yall. ;)

Washington DC House

Washington DC, USA

I was in house briefly changing transport but the experience was most solid and I was eternally mindful I was in DC.

Canadiana Backpackers Inn

Toronto, Canada

Leafy glade, Valkyries, and showers omg. This impeccable destination of distinction should not be overlooked by discerning travelers. Maybe they were half so happy having me as I was being there?

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Thanks for the review!


had to cancel


Surprising mix of personalities; my generous compliments to the owner.


A blessing and refreshing glimpse of Houston. Grounds and facilities all first class A rating, exquisite, friendly and forgiving. I had considered this location before it became the MR Hostel. The place is flawless and so are the folk, furthermore it veritably crackles with excitement. The continental breakfast alone's worthy of Zagat of Michelin rating. A compound dotted with inviting nooks and niches; fascinating.

HI - Chicago Hostel

Chicago, USA

Dramatic and dynamic comparable to a Ritz Carlton, really. The dining hall view, the room plans, new and trending furnishings give the impression planners were profoundly devoted to image and perfection. H.I. Chicago's a sophisticated marvel.

St. Vincent's Guesthouse

New Orleans, USA

Leery of evaluating the hotel industry, accustomed to having doors slammed in my face ringingly; my obsession usually is this is too good and I hope it isn't razed before I return. Thanks v. much. In the past I sensed within beautiful New Orleans had a sanctuary.