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Viva Hostel Design

Sao Paulo, Brazil

Hostel is ok but the staff are one of the worst i have seen in a hostel they are kind of rough and seeems to get annoyed when asking for some infos or advice i dont think they realy care about the guests

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Dear guest, thanks for your review. I'd like you to explain me when me or my staff was rough towards you. When we let you use our phone to call a hostel in another city to inform them you will arrive in another date? Or when we printed lots of maps from Sao Paulo and also from Rio so you could arrive safely to your hostel? If you hated us so much, why you came back and why you extended your stay? I'm pretty sure you just want revenge cause we informed you other guests complaint about your behavior in the room, like turning on the light late at night speaking loudly or hiding the air-con control only to yourself. Anyway, if the hostel is 'ok' you shouldn't give one star to all items, should you?

El Misti Rooms

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

I dont usualy expect muxh from hostels because you get what you paid for but with elmisti everything was just WOW!! especialy the staff so helpful and ready ther to help with anything they can, TV lounge is awsome and good to hangout for socialising also dinner option is great and cheap the place is a bit run down but the good atmosphere and nice staff will help to look over it

Moon Light Bay Hostel

Fajardo, Puerto Rico

Liked my stay at MLBH very much , the hostel is brand new, all the hostels have been to in Puerto Rico it was the only one descent and with real hot water, its just a block away from ferry and staff are friendly. Thank you.

SoBe Hostel & Bar

Miami, USA

I had an issue with the 8 BED dorm being too small and two homeless persons in their 50s and 60s were staying in the room I talk to manager to change room but he was rude and not willing to help , I will never stay in this hostel again.