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Hostal Campo Base

San Pedro de Atacama, Chile

One of the cleanest I been in. Not cheap but excellent in all other respects. Not a party place, no real social area but anyway it's all in the bars and eateries just around the corner. Only problem if you are front of house is all the dogs in the area bark all night. Staff very nice. Breakfast and kitchen area excellent.

Hostal El Arbol

La Serena, Chile

This is a charming small house. Very clean and the staff are simply excellent. It's not cheap but that's Chile for you. Breakfast could be a bit more generous - I/2 slice of ham and 1/2 slice of cheese is mean. For the price there should be an egg. There is a little outdoor area for eating if you want. The type of people that seem to stay here are nice considerate types. Would recommend it for a relaxed and quite stay.

Don Santiago Hostel

Santiago, Chile

Very friendly and helpful staff. Nice place with some character, convientely located to Metro. Good atmosphere at breakfast and public areas. Stairs makes awful creaking so hard to be considerate if others are asleep. Could do with another bathroom. Overall though it is to be recommended. Best I found of 4 hostels I stayed in Santiago.


Lovely hostel with lots of character. The man in charge is a perfect easygoing gentleman. Breakfast is very good with scrambled eggs. Rooms are large and the public area is vast with lots of comfortable chairs. The setting is very unique - its at the end of a walkway with overhanging flowers and trees - very serene and sometimes lovely music wafts from the building next door which may be a music academia. Good restaurants in the immediate area. This is one hostel I recommend.

Hostal Forestal

Santiago, Chile

Location excellent but average hostel overall. Tiny area for breakfast and grumpy lady in attendance who ends proceeding on the dot of 10. Otherwise front desk staff are nice. Average to por cleanliness.

Hostel Internacional Mendoza

Mendoza, Argentina

Sheets were not changed (hairs etc) and awlful condition - looked like there were taken from the dump. Got new set but they didn't really accept my point. Change of staff later question if I had paid, so there is not much communication going on - get a receipt. Overall staff not bad but It's a dirty place. Looks like one outfit owns 6 hostels in Mendoza and they are in it for the money as not a peso put back in maintainence. Terrible bathroom. My advice - give it a miss.

CabanaCopa Hostel

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Possibly the worst place I have ever stayed in. I've been to over 50 countries and I'm sorry to say this place is not to be recommended - certainly not for solo travellers. It's dirty dirty dirty , especially the toilets and it's not like they are not making money to give the toilets a little makeover. It's loud and especially after hours. Two big guys as security at the at night but chaos in the hallways. Lockers impossibly inacessible in the room. Only it's location to recommend it.

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Hi & thanks for staying with us. You came on a heavy party weekend so we are sorry for any inconveniences. Our hostel average guests age is quite wide, between 18 and 38, but for someone older than that like you it might have been to intense. Perhaps get a private next time! We have private apartments upon special request. Safe travels! CabanaCopa Staff

HI Lá em Casa Hostel

Belo Horizonte, Brazil

The staff must be the most most friendly I have encountered in the service industry. And it is not false - there are really genuine people working here. And it seems that generousity of spirit permeates through the hostel and everyone who was staying because I found other guests relaxed, friendly and open. Staff very relaxed at breakfast about the time and not pushing you out. This is the way a hostel should be!

Czech Inn

Prague, Czech Republic

I was in the Apartment 413. The decor was nice and security very good. However there was no hot water - only slightly warm but not warm enough for a shower. The staff kept giving excuses that it was because lots of people were taking showers but i tried it at different times and only once was it hot enough. Obviously the staff are not truthfull - the water heating system is simply not adequete for the job required. It needs to replaced/fixed. I could see they give the excuse over and over!

EastSeven Berlin Hostel

Berlin, Germany

Good hostel in all respects. Though a lift would add to it for getting your bags up to the higher floors.