Reviews: alsmith42789

Location: USA, Gender: Female, Age: 27

Shelter City

Amsterdam, Netherlands

I really hate giving bad reviews because my expectations are low but I was thoroughly unimpressed with this hostel. The rooms are ridiculously tiny and the beds are so close I could have held hands with the girl in the bottom bunk next to me. Seemed more like an army barracks or bomb shelter than a hostel. Every time I went to the bathroom it was a mess. I think there were maybe 2 outlets in a room for 16 and a few more in the common area. Staff are certainly nice though.

Heart of Gold Hostel

Berlin, Germany

Not my favorite hostel. A huge party crowd here. There's always someone yelling in the hallways at night time or stumbling in drunk. The hostel workers always seem busy and a bit stressed out. They are still very polite. If you're looking for a pleasant stay and some shut eye, look elsewhere. If you want to hit up some parties in Berlin, this might be the spot for you.

Hostel ELF

Prague, Czech Republic

I loved this hostel. There is always someone cleaning and making sure the facilities are working property. They have 24 hour coffee and tea. (Which is great for a tea fanatic such as myself). The hostel workers are knowledgeable and able to recommend great places to eat with English menus within walking distance. They have beer available for purchase (for when you don't feel like leaving) and breakfast was great! If I'm ever in Prague again I wouldn't consider staying anywhere else. Thank you!

Wombats City Hostel Munich

Munich, Germany

Nothing particularly wrong with the hostel. Caters to a college crowd. Very busy at all times. Location is very convenient as it is right by the train station. Probably would choose a quieter hostel next time.

Hotel Imperial

Bologna, Italy

Stayed in this hotel while passing through to Venice. A very nice change from sleeping in a hostel. Everything was clean and the complimentary breakfast was great. A short taxi or bus ride from the station. Would definitely stay here again.

Hostel Gallo d'Oro

Florence, Italy

Melissa at the desk was wonderful to work with. Not only did she give us great suggestions for sight seeing but great gelato, pizza, and bar recommendations. She truly made us feel welcome. Room was clean and the lockers were convenient. Breakfast was great! We only stayed one night and I wish I could have stayed longer. When walking from the station don't be alarmed if the house numbers jump drastically. One color is for residences and another for businesses.

Mosaic Hostel

Rome, Italy

The staff members were so helpful and pleasant to work with; they gave great suggestions (when to visit specific tourist attractions) and also restaurant recommendations. Met some great people here! Would definitely come back.

Vertigo Vieux-Port

Marseille, France

Enjoyed this hostel a lot. Room was in a separate building and was similar to a studio or flat. Breakfast was nothing special and Internet only worked in the common room (not even in the kitchen). That was my only qualm with the place. Met some nice people here and it's just up the road from the beautiful port.


Overall this hostel is very average. Nothing in particular stands out except that you needed to put a code in every hour when on the Internet which was quite inconvenient. Also have to not only make your own bed but tear it down when you leave. Not terrible but more than I wanted to deal with when so exhausted. Would stay here in a pinch but I'd prefer to stay elsewhere.

Astor Museum Inn

London, England

Really enjoyed this hostel. Full kitchen made cooking meals easy and breakfast consisted of fairly normal hostel essentials like toast and jam. No complaints there. They very nicely supplied me with detergent for a load of laundry. A bit far from the train station but right across from the British Museum. Would definitely stay there again. A bit of a bro-house atmosphere that's good for having a few beers and meeting others but not too over the top.

Hatters at Hilton Chambers

Manchester, England

Pretty average hostel. Enjoyed the ensuite room. Rooms sufficiently warm.

St Christopher's Edinburgh

Edinburgh, Scotland

Loved this hostel. It's just across the street from the station and perfect for weary travelers. Around the corner are plenty of shops, cafes and restaurants. Our room was ensuite and kept very clean. The bar area is pretty full and lively all the time- a great spot to make some new friends. Breakfast was pretty normal for a hostel but the added bonus is the Nutella. Would definitely stay here again. Staff is very nice and helpful.

Glasgow Youth Hostel

Glasgow, Scotland

Enjoyed my stay here. Ensuite room was nice and clean. Slightly annoying that I had to pay for an hour of wifi, and make AND strip my bed but it's nothing terrible. We conveniently ordered a packed lunch for our tour and they were nice enough to open the kitchen early for us to grab some toast and tea before we left. Beautiful building and very quiet.

Sky Backpackers

Dublin, Ireland

Very average hostel. Pretty dirty and some of the shower doors were off the hindges. I have pretty low standards where it comes to hostels but this one reminded me a bit of a bro house. Just don't expect much and you won't be disapponted.

Kinlay Eyre Square Hostel

Galway, Ireland

Lack of a lot of outlets in the room. A bit noisy since they allow group bookings. Lots of French students. Bathroom facilities were nice.

Neptunes Town Hostel

Killarney, Ireland

A bit difficult to find when in a car but nice location off the road. Free parking down the road is nice too. Our room got upgraded which was wonderful. Wifi only in the common area. Rooms were sufficiently warm.


Warm blankets, nice facilities. Average hostel but clean and breakfast (toast) provided. Over all happy with it.

Finn McCool's Giant's Causeway Hostel

Bushmills, Northern Ireland

This hostel is pretty much a small house turned into a hostel. Not much security but there are lockers in the rooms. Full kitchen was nice and the girl that worked/lived there was pleasant and cooks you breakfast in the morning. VERY COLD in the rooms during winter but shouldn't be a problem during the summer. Conveniently located right down the road from Giant's Causeway.


Belfast, Northern Ireland

Absolutely loved this hostel. Don't stay anywhere else in Belfast. Staff was welcoming and made you feel right at home. New and clean bathroom facilities were lovely and the rooms were sufficiently warm (as well as the blankets). My friend and I went out for drinks with some of the staff members at a local pub. Definitely go if the opportunity arises as the Northern Irish lads are equally entertaining as they are charming. Would definitely book here again.

Abbey Court

Dublin, Ireland

Great location next to the Liffy and Ha' Penny Bridge. Very clean and lots of bathrooms. Only complaints: it was very chilly in our room and the lockers under our particular bed were broken. Breakfast was great. Would stay here again just for the location. Didn't use the common rooms much except for the Internet room which was very comfortable.