Reviews: Anonymous


Belfast, Northern Ireland

Favorite hostel in 6 months. It was perfect.

360 Hostel Centro

Madrid, Spain

Love this hostel, love the crew. Mark is awesome and makes delicious paella. Great location.

Sant Jordi Alberg

Barcelona, Spain

This hostel is the reason I have such high expectations. It was awesome. Clean, the kitchens were well-equipped and the laundry facilities were great. Also, beer for 1.60! And hot chocolate! The staff is incredible. Every night was fun and they also organized things like homemade pizza and sangria. Mathieu, Goncalo, and Abel are wonderful. And the other travelers I met are now some of my really good friends. Love Sant Jordi Alberg! Best hostel in Barcelona if not all of Spain.


Amsterdam, Netherlands

I love Cocomama! Definitely one of my favorite hostels in Amsterdam. The staff is wonderful. Ich liebe dich, Joopy!! I totally intend to stay here again whenever I'm in Amsterdam.

Hostelle - Female Only Hostel

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Beautiful hostel, each room and even the bathrooms are unique. The staff is very friendly and knowledgable. Location sucks though.