Reviews: Anonymous


I actually really loved the location, it was a bit far from the main sites but I was able to walk to all of them (you have to like walking) and the metro is legitimately a 5 minute walk. The area seemed safe and I thought it was actually quite cute. The breakfast was the best of any hostel I've ever stayed at. The shower wasn't so great though. It was clean but it would randomly turn off and changed temperatures very easily. Made for an interesting morning.

Castle Rock Hostel

Edinburgh, Scotland

The location was wonderful and you could see Edinburgh Castle from some of the windows. People staying in this hostel seemed generally more social and friendly than I've found in other hostels, and my friend and I met some really cool people. It's very clean and feels very safe, and the rooms are a nice size.


It was very clean, which I loved, but the location was a bit farther out than I thought it would be. The people didn't seem very sociable but maybe that was just my room. Breakfast was decent and the lockers were pretty much perfect.