Reviews: Anonymous

Apple Hostel

Hong Kong, Hong Kong

the staff were really nice, they cleaned the room every day and changed the sheets and always had smiles for us. the rooms are, as all the hostel's in hong kong seem to be, small (basically a bed) and the shared bathroom is a bit run down. if you're a germ a phobe, i wouldn't recommend it. oh and the elevator is a nightmare, but it's not the hostel's fault, it's kinda just hong kong. the hostel is right in the middle of everything in kowloon, it's a great location to be.

Wang Fat Hostel

Hong Kong, Hong Kong

They should put foam on the beds. Some of them are just the box spring (the bottom hard part of the mattress), which they have foam for, but they don't start with it on, you have to ask for it. The first two nights where uncomfortable, but we finally figured it out for the last night and had a good sleep. it's a great price and great location, pretty average in terms of what you're going to get for a cheap hostel in HK. If you're used to a social atmosphere, it seems like HK's not that way.