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Hlemmur Square

Reykjavik, Iceland

Great location, great staff, great room and it has a bar downstairs to socialize. Walking distance to everything. Right across the street from the main bus terminal....which takes you anywhere.

Reykjavik Downtown Hostel

Reykjavik, Iceland

The staff was amazing. Each person working there was so helpful and friendly. It was a great start to my vacation.

Friend's Hostel

Paris, France

This hostel is in a very bad part of Paris. I felt like I could have got robbed every time I left or came back. Be cautious. Everything else was average at best.

Luxembourg City Hostel

Luxembourg City, Luxembourg

It's like a hotel. Great location and clean.

Lybeer Travellers' Hostel

Bruges, Belgium

Under construction but a great stay. The hostel is in a great location.

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Waw, thanks for your 100%!! Do come back one day, you've been an awesome guest!

Inner Amsterdam

Amsterdam, Netherlands

My score was a 60%. I've seen better!!! If you want a friendly say, this is not the place for you. The lady behind the counter starts drinking around 8 and gets pi$$ed if you ask any questions. The bunk beds are so close you sleep next to a complete stranger. And you have to leave the key when you leave!! The kitchen only provides microwaves.

Alexanderplatz Accomodation

Berlin, Germany

Excellent place. It's across the street from Alexanderplatz station. Classical music playing in the bathroom ;). No common room though.

Sir Toby's Hostel

Prague, Czech Republic

Hands down the best hostel I've stayed at on my 3 month trip. They cooked EVERYONE dinner one night. It was an amazing BBQ....thanks. They have the best social bar down stairs and they are close to the tram. The beds were the best I've had also, and even though I didn't have the looked amazing. Awesome hostel. It is a 10-15 tram ride to the center or a 30-45 min walk.

PLUS Prague

Prague, Czech Republic

Excellent stay. This hostel is more like a hotel with over 500 beds. It has a pool, restaurant, and cheap beer!


Great place to stay. They are an apartment style hostel so security was great and the rooms were large. Great location. A 5 min or less walk to the metro or a 5-10 walk to the river and all the sights.

Day and Night Hostel

Zagreb, Croatia

Great location with a great staff! Good working kitchen and enough bathrooms to go around for all. The bed were large and comfortable.

Castle Hostel 1004 - Bled

Bled, Slovenia

Stay here!!!!! Everything was amazing! The staff is friendly and they drove me everywhere.....the gorge, a haircut, the bus station, and the train station. Amazing....I'll be back.

Pension Glockenhaus

Innsbruck, Austria

It's like camping indoors. You feel like you have slept on rocks, you are afraid to us the toilet at night, and you dont shower.....b/c the shower is broken!!!! Don't miss out on seeing's beautiful.

Backpackers Lucerne

Lucerne, Switzerland

Everything was amazing!!!! The cleanest and most peaceful hostel I've stayed in within my 3 month travels. The staff was great and they did my laundry. It's right on the lake!!! Beautiful walking and hiking and the boats are a 5 min walk.

Lake Como Hostel La Primula

Lake Como, Italy

Awesome hostel. Great staff, great food, best location on Lake Como. And cheap! The staff helped me everything!!! I lost my camera and they helped me write a letter to the police and local authorities. They have everything...bikes, kyaks, ping pong, etc ;). Ill be back!

Ostello Corniglia

Cinque Terre, Italy

Great Hostel!!! Would stay here again no question. Very very clean, probably the cleanest I've seen. The staff was great and very friendly. Note to self: Corniglia is the quietest of all the villages....meaning everything shuts down around 10:30-11:00pm and the trains are unreliable for the 1:30 curfew the hostel has. Also, there is no ferry port so it's either a long walk from another village or try your luck with the trains. The hostel was amazing :)

Emerald Fields

Florence, Italy

Good hostel, it was near the train station but really hard to find. It's literally just a number on the building so it makes it hard to find at night. Cash only was annoying! It was in walking distance to everything, or the bus was around the corner. I would stay here again.....but seriously a sign.


Great hostel in a good location right next to the metro, or a 15-20 min walk to sights. Very clean place with a friendly staff.


Great Hostel for your money. Right next to the metro. A 10 min walk to old town and another 5 min walk to downtown. The atmosphere was the best part of this hostel....amazing people.

Athens Backpackers

Athens, Greece

Great location, great rooms, awesome staff. A min or two walk from the Acropolis and restaurants and night life. Stay Here!!!