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La Chimba Hostel

Santiago, Chile

Great stay in La Chimba. The staff were nice and welcoming - young people like us that are just looking for fun and adventure. The atmosphere is really social- The second night we were there we basically had a party with all the other guests. At the same time, if you just want to keep to yourself, the place is huge and it's not hard to find a corner. One thing to note - our room smelled really badly of mildew, but I think it's because we shared a wall with the bathroom. Would recommend.


Loved it so much we came back two days later (after a couple days in Valencia). Once again welcomed in - we were upgraded AGAIN to the same room we had stayed in before, which was great. Just as great the second time! Amazing hostel. I still can't believe it.

Hostal El Cid

Valencia, Spain

Got an email the day before saying no checkins between 12:30 and 5pm b/c they were spraying for pests--paid to check luggage at the train station (we got in at 12:40) and wasted a day (no map, no idea what to do). At 5pm, sign on the door had changed from 5pm to 7pm. When checked in, our room was okay, but there was a dead cockroach in the next-door bathroom (which was disgusting anyway). Thankfully there was another, remodeled toilet nearby. Nobody even apologized for the hassle. Don't bother.


Absolutely loved my stay at this hostel. We were upgraded to a twin private with its own bathroom at no additional charge. The service was brilliant, the hostel basically felt like a hotel - everything was clean, painted, etc. The kitchen worked just great. If we're looking for negatives, the wifi was a bit weak at times and the beds were a bit hard... but honestly, you get that anywhere. It was without a doubt the best hostel I've ever stayed in. Full marks!

Keystone House Kings Cross

London, England

Good hostel! Did everything it was supposed to do. We stayed in a 2 person private room in the basement and enjoyed hearing the quiet hum of passing tube trains! It was actually quite soothing!

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Hi there, Thanks for your feedback! It's great to know your stay was enjoyable. We hope to see you here again. All the best, Nika

Bath Backpackers

Bath, England

It was a solid hostel - it was very friendly and welcoming. The night I was there they had a pancake night and gave everyone as many pancakes as they wanted for free. It was an old building, so there were some quirks (the toilet was very loud and long about flushing, for example)... but I found everything to be great. From other reviews, it looks like some people didn't like the staff, but I found them to be very nice.

Kipps Hostel Canterbury

Canterbury, England

Excellent Hostel. A little out of the way from Canterbury West Station, but worth the walk/bus ride. Also, the toilet seemed to struggle flushing in my room, but it seemed to manage. The people who work here are genuinely interested in their guests, and they do their best to make sure visitors enjoy themselves. The night I stayed, they made free pancakes for anyone who wanted them! Fantastic dinner, amazing service.

Hostel Santa Monaca

Florence, Italy

Huge maze of a place. My locker was broken when I arrived- I inquired at the desk I was told I could leave my valuables at reception whenever I needed and that it would be fixed the next day. 4 days later still broken. One night our door broke (somehow?), so we had to keep the door open to not get locked in or out. Any random could have come in... There was one outlet in a room for 6 people... there were 8 beds, though, which seemed dodgy. Kitchen average, showers not very private. Overall okay.

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Dear Guest, we are sorry for the inconveniences that unfortunately you had to experience during your stay. We were waiting for some spare parts for the lockers that didnt arrive in time and that explains the delay in repairing it. The door broke in the night as you said and its something that can happen once in a lifetime- it was not possibile to fix it during the night for obvious reasons. In any case we kept all valuables at the reception as a security measure. The dorm you slept in had 2 extra beds that were used the nights before for a group and were left there as another group was coming shortly after - however - as I'm sure you noticed - we didnt sell those beds since it was a 6 bed room. At the end of the day we are happy that you liked the place in spite of the problems.

Roman Holidays Hostel

Rome, Italy

Great hostel. Seemed small and rather quiet, but I really liked it. Close to Termini which is a bonus - stayed 5 nights and enjoyed all of them. Kitchen was great, bathroom did what I needed. Towels were 1.50 I think? Definitely recommend it.