Reviews: Anonymous

Olympos Orange Bungalows

Olympos, Turkey

No complaints. Facility is huge - lots of cabins - sort of feels like summer camp. But the atmosphere is good and with breakfast and dinner included it's a great value. also pretty close to the beach

Ani Motel & Hostel

Kas, Turkey

Good cheap place. Pretty run down and not terribly secure, but the people were nice, the ac worked, and the shower had hot water. would come back again for the price.

Galata West

Istanbul, Turkey

Place is fine - great value for the money. Ended up leaving because it didn't have much atmosphere too it, but i was a solo traveler so it would be fine for groups

El Warung Beach House

Gran Canaria, Spain

El warung is great - really unique atmosphere and feel. The location could not be more perfect - literally a block from the beach (which is beautiful), and right next to a super-market that's open late so you can cook your own food. Everything is laid back and the line between staff and guests is fuzzy - if you stay for a few days you'll get to know the various folks helping run things, in addition to the other guests. Won't look elsewhere if I come back.