Reviews: Anonymous

A Venice Fish

Venice, Italy

Great location - inside the city of venice, easy to walk around everywhere. No need for water bussing. Cheapest hostel around. But only 2 washroom facilities for the entire hostel. Lock out from 10-2, everyone had to fight for the washroom in the mornings to get out by the lock out. Good for people who only have 1 or 2 days in Venice.


The hostel was very close to Rome Termini station, however, the area around the train station is very sketchy. It's actually pretty scary to walk about at night and not recommended for lone female travellers at all. It's better to research on safer areas to stay. The staff were extremely friendly, especially the night staff. The rooms were clean but electricity plugs were scarce.


The location was a bit far out of town just because the metro was a bit of a walk from the hostel. The bar wasn't too exciting but wasn't horrible. The rooms and washrooms were super clean and ensuite was definitely a plus. The staff were super friendly.

Wombats City Hostel Berlin

Berlin, Germany

The city of Berlin is huge and the hostel was very close to metro to get around. The bar was amazing!!! Great deals and good vibe - the terrace was a plus. The staff wasn't that friendly but some were. The rooms were clean and ensuite was definitely a bonus!

The MadHouse Prague

Prague, Czech Republic

The hostel was amazing! the staff were super friendly, Canadians are the nicest people on earth!!! The parties planned were awesome each night and the atmosphere of the hostel in general was amazing. Would return in a heartbeat! The facilities were super clean. It was a hostel that had a good mix of partying and also for just chilling/night in. Best hostel I've stayed at in Europe!

JUFA Salzburg City

Salzburg, Austria

The location was pretty far out of city centre, although the city wasn't too big! The staff weren't extremely friendly, there was one male staff working night shifts that was super unfriendly and really made a horrible impression on Jufa in general. The facilities weren't bad but the washrooms smelled like mildew.


The location wasn't super central but it wasn't too horrible to get to places because it was close to metro. The staff wasn't super friendly and they didn't have great recommendations for things to do/eat etc. The bar was awesome and the happy hour deals were great! The rooms were clean and the ensuite bathrooms were a plus!

Retox Party Hostel

Budapest, Hungary

Great staff! Everyone was super friendly. Totally cool security system - room keys were made into a watch so hard to lose. Blankets were dried on the balcony awning - not particularly clean. The rooms were cleaned everyday but weren't the greatest. Ensuite bathrooms wasn't too bad but still a little bit dirty. Room of 10 only had 1 shower and toilet - hard to share.

Isaacs Hostel

Dublin, Ireland

Hostel atmosphere was great! Staff were extremely helpful and nice. Good cleanliness but wifi didn't work other than the lounge. No elevator which made it hard to lug our luggage to the very top floor. Also the doors weren't very sound proof and you can literally hear everything going on outside room doors. Guys and girls washrooms weren't clearly indicated and guys kept using the shower that's designated just for females.


The atmosphere of the hostel was very friendly. Even with so much traffic in and out of the hostel, the building still remained quiet enough at night and also quite safe. However, the front desk staff were very ill-prepared to answer simple questions regarding major attractions in London, which really hindered the help I was expecting. Also, the luggage room keys were just given to us without checking if we were actual guests.