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Seoulwise Guesthouse

Seoul, South Korea

The staffs are very pleasant and friendly and also generous. The owner cleans the bathrooms by himself to reach the highest standard he sets up to protect his guests. I admire his philosophy.

Buoy Hostel

Manila, Philippines

They seemed to focus on the restaurant more than the hostel. There were no maps or directions except the business cards. About 200 meters from the front door crossing the Ocampo street the shopping malls and the food courts are there. On my way back I took a Jeepnee to the Mall of Asia and then to the Aqiuno Airport. Jeepnee twice(12+13) and a bus goes to the airport(12 pesos), all together 37 pesos. One US dollar equals 40 pesos. The Central Park Hotel is cross the street from the hostel.

Ed House (Tripnbed Guesthouse)

Seoul, South Korea

The owner Ryu was like a family member or the best friend who shares everything together. He spent money and time generously for the guests. When a girl got sick very badly he took her to a doctor and made her well again. He is very kind and gentle.


Linda is the owner of the YH. She was busy greeting the guests. Cindy takes care of bookings and many other businesses. The buildings are renovated and refreshing. The locations is 1 km from the last bust stop from Tunxi. In the same area other buses are going either to Huangshan Mtn(Blue Bus) or to different cities such as to Shanghai in my case. I walked to the bus station or the stop everyday. The staffs are very friendly and the rates are inexpensive. I am looking forward to be back.

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thanks for your comments,welcome the next time .hope you have a plesant trip in china


Breakfast was very impressive. Most guests were in groups that they are coming and going for all day and all night. This hostel must be very popular. Many young peoples were from Europe. I met a sharp looking professional New Zealander also. Only negative thing was too many young Europeans were smoking too much. The receptionists were kind and friendly. J. Lee from Atlanta, GA USA

Livingstone Backpackers

Livingstone, Zambia

They can improve to make the room for better air circulation and the tap water more drinkable by eliminating the chemical odor.