Reviews: Anonymous

Phoenix Hostel

London, England

This hostel should invest in bunk beds that are not metal and do not creak everytime someone repositions themselves in their sleep. The hostel should also instal dimmers for the lights in the room so sleeping roomates are not disturbed. Don't expect to get a very good night sleep in the dorms for these two reasons. Also watch out for severe price discrimination on the weekends. Prices went up from $19 to $45 from Friday to Saturday.

Kaya's Place

Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica

We made our stay at this hostel short and sweet. While the location of this place is right across playa de negro and the eye catching bright paintings around are pleasing, its other aspects were average to poor. Being in such a warm humid climate sleeping in surrounding heated wooded walls and floors with a lack of air circulation were assault to injury. The importance of cleaning the bathrooms are not a daily concern here. If you can rough it like a boss by all means make your stay here.

Arenal Hostel Resort

La Fortuna, Costa Rica

Do you want a tour? This is your place to stay. Costa Rica in general is full of "touristic" attacks, but be prepared to bring an extra layer of protection from alluring solicitations from the main event coordinator on staff at this hostel. While we did partake in the buffet and hot spring package which was an amazing experience and we highly recommend, we were left with a bad taste in our mouth after getting sold on a white water rafting trip which changed price last minute . .

Las Camas Hostel Mini

Jaco, Costa Rica

Great place to stay to enjoy Jaco. 2 mins from the beach and the town to eat/purchase supplies. Great atmosphere and there is always something going on at the hostel and plenty of love to go around. The hostel would do well to have a maid come in a couple times a week to tidy up and clean. With that said I would still definatly stay here again.