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Location: England, Gender: Male, Age: 53

48 Ville

Bangkok, Thailand

I don't know who the young man on the reception desk was but at one in the morning I really appreciated his kind warm friendly welcome. I also enjoyed the friendly service in the small restaurant they have; there were two young girls (obvious connected to the restaurant staff) playing quietly and that made for a lovely family atmosphere. I feel it is likely that I will be booking here in the future and I'd definitely recommend 48 Ville to friends.

FAB Hostel Bangkok

Bangkok, Thailand

I stayed at a very hot time of the year and the fan in the single room was just enough to keep things comfortable; the managers were lovely and helpful, the street food near by was excellent, the place felt like some where I could relax and spend an extended time if I wanted to. All in all I'd highly recommend it (I am not a party into the night person!) and I'll definitely be staying there again.

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Thank you Sean for the review. Hope to see you again soon Take care Fab & Jaa


Really appreciated that I felt I could trust the manager to arrange quality trips at a good price.

Han Tang Inn Hostel

Xi'an, China

The Lady at reception that helped me when my Daughter was ill was an absolute Godsend. I can thank her and the staff enough for the support I received; it was above and beyond any thing one might expect and it was genuinely offered. The Hotel its self was beautifully kept and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend it.


I was in a ground floor room and the bathroom drainage would back up through the floor with the result that what appeared to be sewage pooled between the door and the shower. When I slipped on the effluent and cut myself quite badly the staff had no first aid available with which to treat the cuts. Not impressive.


First rate staff; friendly, welcoming and very very helpful. We were eating a Vegan diet and the staff directed us to what appeared to be a private home and courtyard; they had given us a note in Chinese to explain our needs and the lady of the household we went along to took us into her kitchen to see all the (fresh) ingredients she had on hand including freshly picked wild mushrooms. The atmosphere at Shaxi was first rate and I could have happily just stayed and relaxed.


Busy Youthful place with plenty of good opportunities to socialize.