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The Yellow

Rome, Italy

Overrated hostel. Is close to Termini but far from all touristic places in Rome. There's no common area, just a bar where the beer is really expensive and there's no discount for who's hosted there! Staff works as they are doing a favor for you. Not enough plugs for everyone in the room. And the worst: i lost my flight, i was desperate and the guy in the reception didn't even try to help me, just told me to call the airline from a payphone. I wouldn't recommend at all.

Hostel Terra Vista

Goreme, Turkey

A good surprise. Is close to Goreme bus station, you can see it from there. There's a rooftop with a beautiful view. Staff was great, helpfull with everything, and they sell tours for a good price. Lockers in the rooms with good bathrooms. I would deffinetly recomend it!


Athens, Greece

The best is the location, close to everything! The staff is really nice too and is really cheap for what it is. My room was clean, the bathroom was ok, it look like it's new. There is an amazing bar on the top. The only problem is that there's no lockers in the rooms. Besides that, i would highly recomend Pella In!

The Yellow

Rome, Italy

Overated hostel. I was in a six bed room and there was only 2 plugs. Bathroom was nice and clean, but only 2 for a hole floor. There is a nice bar, but the beer is really expensive and there's no discount for who's hosted there!! Is close to Termini but far from the touristic points. There's no common area besides the bar, difficult to socialize. The staff never helped me or tried to socialize the hosts. I wouldn't recomend. I would tell you to stay in another place and go to the bar some night.

Buena Vista Hostel Ouro Preto

Ouro Preto, Brazil

No customer comment

Instant Groove! Party Hostel

Budapest, Hungary

The best value for money hostel i've stayed. The hostel has a huge club just downstairs. The staff was nice and the security too. As the name says, is a PARTY hostel, so if you don't want to party, don't go there, you won't like it.

Brussels Hostel Grand Place

Brussels, Belgium

The location is simply the best. It is just next to Gran Place. Good beds and baths. The only problem is that they don't have a reception at the hostel, so you have to make a long walk to another hostel to check-in. And the check-in time is 4pm, kind of late.