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Bom Fim Hostel

Porto Alegre, Brazil

Amazing location and very helpful staff. It was really great to find a hostel with Air Conditioning during summer peak! Also, the balcony in the top floor is really beaultiful and perfect for meeting people and chating all night long.

Motter Home Curitba Hostel

Curitiba, Brazil

Just perfect! The best and largest beds I've ever slept in a hostel in my life! Confortable and wide. Bunks were very spacious and tall, without any chance of hitting your head while wakening up "hangovered" or not :) Toilets and bedrooms were really clean, just like home. Besides, the staff (and the owner herself) were really nice and caring, supplying precise information on tourist spots, bars, food and nightlife. Curitiba is amazing and MotterHome is definitely the place you should stay!


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