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This hostel is good for keep your budget,thats it!! My bed was already used before i checked in, The location was no good(local people taught me that there is a quite dangerous place), Someone had stolen her laptop, Some people looks strange who begged me to give cigarette,,, And!! Staffs are so bad kind! Ive never stayed that kind of hostel and i will never stayed the hostel.

Adventurer Hostel

Los Angeles, USA

Ive never stayed such a horrible hostel since i started traveiling around the world. This is my worst . Staffs were no kind,no smile,spoke so fast even i didnt understand. A friend lives near there,she taught me that this area is not safe. My bed was used by someone already and the bathroom was flooded. My dorm mete had stolen her laptop, Someone always begged me to give some cigarette. This hostel is good for...just save money. I dont wanna stay there never,and wont recommend anyone for sure.


Impossible to bring the backpack into the room. Cant smoking even the front of the hostel,out side. The location is not bad,but not so good. Not cheap,not clean,no elevator

Broadway Hotel n Hostel

New York, USA

Its expensive for that room

Dom Hostel

Sao Paulo, Brazil

オーナーやスタッフの方々がととてもフレンドリーで 楽しく過ごせました。 朝食もシンプルですが美味しい、レストランや地下鉄の駅も すぐ近くにあります。

Barbieri International

Madrid, Spain

No customer comment

Alma Porto Hostel

Porto, Portugal

メインの駅から歩いていける距離で、 中心地からも遠くはないです。スーパーマーケットも徒歩5分くらいに あるので自炊もしやすいと思います。 スタッフの方もとっても親切で居心地が良かったです。



LxCorner Hostel

Lisbon, Portugal

ブラジルビザ取得のためこのホテルに宿泊しました。 メトロの駅からもとっても近く、とてもアクセスしやすいです。 中心地やブラジル領事館も徒歩圏内なのでビザをとる方はぜひ。 スタッフも清掃係の人もすごく親切で 楽しく過ごせました

Friend's Hostel

Paris, France

No customer comment

Travel Hotel

Amsterdam, Netherlands

No customer comment



Czech Inn

Prague, Czech Republic

トラム駅前なのでとてもアクセスしやすく、清潔で Barでの割引その他とても良かった。 ただ、Barが遅くまでの営業のため音楽やドアの開閉、 酔った客などが部屋に戻ってくるなど騒音面がすこし気になった。 There is a tram station front of this hostel ,it was easy to go everywhere. Crean,breakfast,stuff,everything good. But little bit noisy ,music from bar and people drunk.