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Location: Canada, Gender: Male, Age: 27

Gallery Hostel Porto

Porto, Portugal

Great stay! great staff, great food that they offer at night. It was just amazing. I absolutely loved it.

Pension Salamanca

Salamanca, Spain

On top of being in a private bathroom, there was a sink in the room. Since there was a shared bathroom, it provided a place to brush your teeth so you didn't spend too much time inside the bathroom, which helps. Less time in the bathroom, more people being able to take showers.

Khaosan Tokyo Ninja

Tokyo, Japan

I love this hostel, the staff are just amazing, and I have stayed in this hostel in a cumulative amount of 11 days. Everything is around including subways and JR trains going in every direction. The skytree, asakusa, and a lot of other places to go are nearby. Just AMAZING, I felt like home when I came back for a second stay before going home. Also, the AC is great and there are toilets and showers in every floor unlike most other hostels.

Hotel Mikado

Osaka, Japan

They seriously expect the whole building to go and take a shower in the first floor? The room was moldy, and seriously reeked of smoke. During our entire stay we couldn't wait to get out and leave, we felt like puking the whole time we were inside the room. The staff were friendly and took care of us well, but they had a hard time understanding English. Also, the shadiest place in Osaka, with a lot of hobos.

Hotel Raizan South

Osaka, Japan

The shadiest place I have been in Osaka, everything looked dirty and they seriously expected a whole six floors to take a shower in two bathrooms? The private room beds are okay, but the rooms smelled a bit. They lent out videos of movies but were all Japanese dubbed, and therefore a horrible decision on the hotel's part. There was one female staff that spoke English and was actually concerned and tried to help. The internet was only there for a little while and disappeared for the rest of stay.

Kyoya Ryokan

Nagoya, Japan

A bit more expensive than the regular hostel, but the place is amazing in terms of Japanese traditional housing. And the walls are a bit more soundproofed than any regular Japanese building. Although a bit of a walk from any train station; it takes about fifteen to twenty minutes speed walk. The AC was good, unlike some places where it's temperamental. Overall a fine place to stay just that a private room is EXTREMELY expensive.

Hostel Ann

Nagoya, Japan

The location is far from downtown Nagoya, but the place was amazing to stay at. The rooms are bigger than normal private rooms I've stayed at. Although, there were only two bathrooms that everyone used which was annoying. The staff are good. The checking in time is a pain if you come at a time that they are not there. You just walk in and leave your stuff in the lounge and come back, which may give a feeling of insecurity, and no one is there.

Oak Hostel

Tokyo, Japan

The staff were very helpful and area always smiling. The location is very good and the AC is amazing, although private rooms are extremely small, also the washing machine was right beside our room that you can hear really early if anyone does it at 6 am. Otherwise an amazing hotel, and a brilliant location.


I liked the fact that you are fifteen minutes away from a major train station and a two minute walk from a minor one. The floors are too hard, and the AC is seriously temperamental. There are nights where I couldn't sleep because the AC is so. Some of the bunkbeds squeak so it gets noisy when somebody tosses and turns. Otherwise a good hostel. They have a lot of activities that they do with their guests which is all good fun. Not many hostels probably do that.

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Thank you for your comment! Didn't the air conditioner work well?Sorry about that, if you had asked us, we would have fixed it:( But we are happy that you enjoyed with some guests:) Nice to see you two, hope to see you guys again. Thank you!


They AC is seriously temperamental, and there are only showers on two floors, which wasn't such a big issue since there were only five floors anyway. Although the stairs got narrower the higher you went which was scary when carrying big and heavy luggage which I almost fell down from. Otherwise, they have A LOT of fun activities every week if you have time, great staff, and good places to eat nearby.

Khaosan Tokyo Ninja

Tokyo, Japan

I really liked the staff there. They're just absolutely amazing and friendly. I even went to Karaoke with them. The AC was amazing and was easy to use unlike other hostels. The location is awesome because there is a variety of different trains and subways that anyone can take anytime. There is a train that goes directly to narita airport if absolutely necessary that you didn't go all the way to tokyo station to take narita express. The rooms are good and carpeted.