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Room007 Ventura Hostel

Madrid, Spain

The hostel was fine, nothing to complain about, right in the center of the city with a very helpful staff. Can't wait until the bar is open though


One of the most comfortable hostels I've been in. Clean rooms, EXTREMELY friendly staff, cheap meals, cheap beer, and a walking tour I highly recommend. Hopefully I'll be able to go again.


A really unique hostel that was very comfortable and pleasant to stay in. The staff wasn't fluent in English, but ehh, I'm in a foreign country.

Hostal Maribel

Almeria, Spain

Nice place, had everything I could want.

X Hostel Alicante

Alicante, Spain

Nice place and extremely helpful staff


Tirana, Albania

So I stayed for two nights then went to southern Albania and loved this hostel so much I came back andstayed three more. Erion and Gjorgj are awesome dudes who bend over backwards for all of their guests as their cute new employee Cathrine serves up coffee and beers. The hostel is located in a lively area east of the center, north of the market; a quick walk to everything there is to see. The hostel is quite big and it's easy to find a quiet place to read. The kitchen is REAL with gas range.

Old Town Hostel East Wing

Kotor, Montenegro

Wow, such a nice hostel. Located in a beautiful, ancient building in the old town of kotor they have everything you could want. Daily events like river rafting and trips to Lunčen, nightly socializing fueled by sangria and rakija, very clean dorms, quiet after 11, and a staff that is too helpful, I highly recommend old town hostel, and hope to stay there again one day.

Hostel & Cafe Bar Rookies

Novi Sad, Serbia

As soon as I walked in I was offered a shot of rakija and I knew this place would be awesome. Rookies is just large enough to meet wonderful people but small enough so it's not overwhelming. The cafe/bar is a wonderful spot to start and finish your day, a very relaxed atmosphere not an insane party. A trip to the Frushka Groa was quickly organized when requested, and Žarko answered any question I had. I planned on staying here for two nights but stayed six. Hope to do it again.

Hostel Heart of Sarajevo

Sarajevo, Bosnia And Herzegovina

This place was great. Extremely helpful staff who ended up making dinner for the guests on a few nights. Amazing location and has everything you'd need.

Hostel Miturno

Mostar, Bosnia And Herzegovina

No customer comment

Old Town Hostel

Dubrovnik, Croatia

This place was awesome. Clean, great location and Mike is too nice. Everyday I had a question or two and he always had an answer. He really brought all the guests together and made sure everyone had a good time.

Globo Hostel

Sibenik, Croatia

This place was great, the only negative thing I could think of was because it was right next to the bus station you heard them calling out buses quite frequently. However this stopped around 10:00pm


Zadar, Croatia

Very accommodating, stayed an extra two nights I liked it so much.

Lounge Hostel Carnvale

Rijeka, Croatia

This place was great and ridiculously clean.