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Would have liked lockers for valuables, but nonetheless a wonderful experience. Atef is great, and there's nothing like sitting under the desert-clear stars under the campfire drinking tea and listening to some great music. Would definitely stay again!

Dozy House

Chiang Mai, Thailand

I can't speak highly enough of Jina for I have never, in all my travels, met someone more willing (and downright excited!) to help me plan than her. She's friendly, engaging, helpful, and, really, just plain wonderful. Stay at Dozy House; you won't regret it. (Facilities are great, too!)

Koh Tao Central Hostel

Koh Tao, Thailand

Pros: Great location, wonderfully helpful staff, and a fantastic price. The cleaning lady comes every day and does quite a good job. The recommended scooter rental place was great. Downsides: the toilets and showers by the 14-bed dorm all have various things broken about them, the wifi is *achingly* slow with frequent disconnects, and the 14-bed dorm has no way to turn off the dim guide lights.

IS@K Guest House

Seoul, South Korea

No customer comment

Clockwise Hostel

Penang, Malaysia

Wonderful place to stay; thanks for having me!

WE Bangkok

Bangkok, Thailand

Fun stay... thanks for having me!

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Why not if we want you here again. come back and let's have fun more and more ! !

Crafoord Place

Stockholm, Sweden

First, the bad: this place has no character. It's in a converted hospital, and you can definitely tell. The price is outrageous, and you have to rent your sheets on top of that - welcome to Stockholm!. Next, the good: the staff are pretty cool and helpful, the place is very clean, and the wifi's pretty fast. Lastly, a word of warning: if you get food and put it in the fridge, LABEL IT! I never had problems elsewhere, but here I forgot to label a pizza and it was eaten within 4 hours!

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Sorry you didn't like "our style". This is a converted nurses home. When they studied to become Red Cross nurses they lived in this building. The price? Pls check the price before you book next time. We are amongst the cheapest in Stockholm:-] Ingrid/Manager

Celtic Tourist Hostel

Galway, Ireland

Truly, you get what you pay for. I stayed here for a night because I couldn't get another hostel on the weekend, and while it wasn't terrible by any stretch, the place has definitely seen better days. Pros: free breakfast, decent beds, nice staff (I was running a bit late so they let me check out about an hour late with no complaints). Cons: the place is kinda run-down.

Kinlay Eyre Square Hostel

Galway, Ireland

Loved this place! Staff's friendly, the place has character, the wifi's fast, breakfast's free (though basic), cleanliness is top-notch, it's only a 5-minute walk from the city center, and the pricing is decent. There're also free jawbreakers and bottles of water at the front desk, which is kind of cool. My only complaint: the showers are push-button with no temperature adjustment, and they're *really* hot!

Abigails Hostel

Dublin, Ireland

I found Abigail's to be a pretty decent hostel in Dublin. They provide an all-you-can-eat decent breakfast - toast, hardboiled eggs, cereal, and canned fruit, and staff is quite friendly and helpful (though I had a little bit of an issue getting a bus to the airport - make sure your staff guy who calls the bus company confirms that your bus is booked, or you'll get screwed)! My only major complaint is lockers: 24 hours of use costs you 3 euro! Make sure you factor this in when considering price.

Dublin International (YHA)

Dublin, Ireland

Overall, my stay here was pretty average. I missed the breakfast so I can't comment on that, but everything else was decent. Bathrooms were a bit old and used, but nothing to get upset about. One important note: though the title says "Youth Hostel" here, I think I saw more over-40s than I did under. If that bothers you, you might consider another place.

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Many thanks for your comments, We are sorry to hear that your stay was only average. Should you return to Dublin we would be happy to look after you again to try and make your next stay a more enjoyable one. Best regards, Pamela. Dublin International Hostel.

Light House Hostel

Edinburgh, Scotland

I absolutely cannot recommend this hostel enough! I planned on staying here for 3 nights.... and ended up staying 9. The staff, the facilities, the beds, the price, the location, the chill vibe - it's easily the best hostel I've ever stayed at. I don't give it lightly, but Light House without a doubt deserves a 100%. Special shout-out to Gav, for answering all my questions about Edinburgh! Keep on rocking, guys.

The Fort Boutique Hostel

York, England

This place is fantastic! I was in the '27 Room' with my own little cubby containing a comfy mattress, two power outlets, and an LED lamp. Everything's hypermodern, and the staff is exceptional. Washing/drying is free, too!! Granted, I stayed in the portion that was completed 2 weeks before my visit so I might biased, but I would hope that the rest is as wonderful. The only downside was virtually non-existent WiFi which kept dropping out - it became a significant pain to do online stuff.


The good: the hostel has an awesome location. It's 3-4 tube stops away from the major stuff, and there's a tube station literally next door (closed for construction during my stay, but there's another tube stop a 3 minute walk away). The price, too, was decent. However: this hostel does not allow external food at all. Not upstairs, not in the bar downstairs. And the bar only serves pizza at a whopping £8. If you're planning any extended stay and get tired of pizza, look elsewhere.


Like most others, I found this to be a pretty decent hostel. The common room down by the bar is relaxing and nice, you're given a 1/2 off drink coupon when you sign in, and the rooms are pretty good (though kind of drafty and old). Unfortunately, the hostel is located about a 40-minute train/tube ride from central London, which turned out to be a deal breaker for me. However, the staff are great and you get free breakfast, so - other excepting distance - this place is a good deal.

The Only Backpacker's Inn

Toronto, Canada

The Only Inn was a fun, quirky place with a great atmosphere. We especially loved the waffle breakfast served complimentary down at the bar! However, we also felt that the rooms were quite small for the price, and having only 2 showers available for (by my count) 20+ people is just silly.