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PLUS Florence

Florence, Italy

The property is well managed with facilities you would expect to find in hotels. The staff ware extremely hopeful esp after my daughter suffered concussion and had to seek medical attention

Ca' Contarini 3026

Venice, Italy

The wifi doesn't work in our room. As the receptionist is about 2 Stories up from the entrance, he is not able to hear the doorbell ring. We had to stand at the front door for about 5 mins before someone actually answers. We have to navigate a labyrinth of dark , narrow alleys before reaching the hostel but I guess unless you stay in a waterfront hotel, you won,t have this type of convenience given the geography of Venice

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Dear liu thank you for your comment that is only your opinion. is not a hotel 5 stars i think if no one hear you for few minutes is not end of the world the guy could be in wc or busy :) and about map is enaugh to follow our direction if google map could make some confusion to you kind regards hoppe to see you in the future

Sofia Hostel

Milan, Italy

There is no elevator, so you basically have to haul your luggage up 4 flights of stairs. Other than that, what you pay is what you get.

Hotel Andre Gill

Paris, France

On day of checkout i dropped my room key into the elevator shaft as the space was too tight to even make a turn. I told the owner what had happened, and she asked for 120euro for replacement which was daylight robbery. Verbal battle was exchanged and as a guest, I was totally shocked by such aggressive attitude. The key was found at the bottom of the elevator shaft but i'm never coming back. whatever merit the hotel has is totally destroyed by such arrogantly rude mgmt