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Cosy Corner Hostel

Olomouc, Czech Republic

I really loved Cosy Corner hostel. It was homey, with great old-fashioned decor. The place was clean, which was great because I forgot my shower shoes. Also, the kitchen is well equipped to actually cook meals. The owner is lovely and personable. The only complaint I have is that the matresses are quite uncomfortable, I could feel the springs all night and it made me sore. Even with that, I highly recommend this hostel.

Hostel Krumlov House

Cesky Krumlov, Czech Republic

I had such a good time at Krumlov house. It is beautiful and cozy. I was in the six bed dorm and it didn't feel cramped at all. And the best part is that there were no bunkbeds! The common room was adorable and had a piano and guitars, a t.v. and DVD player and just a real homey feel. The kitchen was awesome, it had real cooking supplies and even had spices and oils. The staff are super friendly and I had great conversations with them. I highly recommend Krumlov House.

Istanbul Hostel

Istanbul, Turkey

I enjoyed this hostel. The location is amazing and the terrace has a fantastic view. The staff were friendly and helpful. Breakfast was decent and included in the price. The bathrooms were clean but water would get on the floor and the showers are right next to the toilets so you definitely want to wear flipflops. My first night the electricity was off and it would have been nice if we could have had terrace access because it was so hot, but I don't think it is a common problem. I recommend it!

Porto Wine Hostel

Porto, Portugal

I enjoyed the hostel. The facilities are comfortable and clean. The kitchen is well stocked. The staff is friendly. The only problem I had is a strange one. I stayed three nights and the first two were quiet and nice. The third one there was a company parth and they were very loud until 2 in the morning. Supposedly this only happens once a year but it was very disruptive to the guests who were trying to sleep. If it really is an anomoly then I can highly recommend the hostel.

Sweet & Cheap

Split, Croatia

Ana is a lovely person and has set up a nice hostel. It is really just a place to sleep and eat. There is no community room except the sizeable kitchen. You can cook which is nice if you prefer that to eating out. The water pressure in the shower was low but that is my only complaint. It is well priced and in a great part of town, very close to the sites and bus station but in a quiet neighborhood. It made my time in Split enjoyable. Thank you Ana! It is aptly named "Sweet & Cheap."

Teddy Bear Hostel Riga

Riga, Latvia

I really enjoyed my stay here. The decor is adorable and the beds are reasonably comfortable. There are two showers and two toilets but it is a small hostel. The one issue I had was that there is no common room, only a small kitchen. The staff is very friendly and gave advice about how to get to places by public transportation. I highly recommend this hostel if you are looking for a quiet, self-sufficient place. However, there is a loud bar below, not associated with the hostel, bring eatplugs!

Hostel Old Plovdiv

Plovdiv, Bulgaria

This hostel is beautiful. It has an elegant look but a casual atmosphere. The staff are friendly and very helpful. They arranged airport transport and tours for me. It is clean and comfortable and they provide a good hearty breakfast. I do wish you could make your own food selection because there were some items that I didn't eat and I felt so wasteful. The only other thing is there are no lockers in the dorms. All in all this is one of the best hostels. I will absolutely stay here again.

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Reading your review was such a great start of my day ! As you allready know WE OFFER OUR GUESTS EXCELLENT TRIPS and AIRPORT TRANSFERS WITH THE BEST PRICES IN TOWN :) Thank you for recommending us to your friends too :) They arrived safe and sound ! Best regards Hristo

Roman Holidays Hostel

Rome, Italy

This is a wonderful hostel with a friendly staff. They twice shared pasta they made with those of us who were there. The common room is small but cozy and I had some good conversations with guests and hosts. The room was comfortable too. They clean at 10 so you have to be out but shouldn't you be exploring Rome anyway? I am not a partying traveler so I greatly appreciated a quiet hostel. Sometimes those are hard to find in a big city like Rome so this hostel is perfect. Thank you!


We had a lovely stay at this QUIET hostel. It felt like a cross between a hostel and a hotel. I stayed in an eight bed room but it had ensuite bathroom and shower, in separate rooms. The room did not feel cramped and was well insulated from street noise if you shut the windows. The breakfast was a decent price and substantial. If you are looking for a party atmosphere then this is not the hostel for you. But I always like to get up and out early so I need the good night sleep.

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Acacia House

Copenhagen, Denmark

I enjoyed my stay at the Acacia House. It is a lovely house in a neighborhood that felt very safe and was quiet. It had a small kitchen but fully equipped. This was handy because food is very expensive in Denmark so buying from a store and making our own meals helped a lot. I gave it an "excellent" for location because we could leave our car and take one bus to the city. It is about a 25 minute ride which may be too long for some people but worked out fabulously for us. Hans and Lucia are sweet.


Copenhagen, Denmark

My husband and I had an absolutely wonderful time. The house and location are exquisite and our host was friendly and informative about the area. The room was comfortable and the bathroom was clean. The only thing that would have made this better is access to a kitchen. There is an outdoor stove but no refrigerator. Eating in Denmark is expensive so the prepared full breakfast every day was amazing, but preparing dinner would have been inconvenient. This is one of my favorite places I have been.

Azabache Hostel

Santiago de Compostela, Spain

I really enjoyed the atmosphere and the location is amazing. However the reception hours are only from 10:00 to 17:00. I spoke to a lady who said they would wait for me because I was coming in on the late train and when I got to the hostel they weren't there so that was very frustrating. They said they were still going to charge me for that night but I don't think they actually did. I would only book if you can arrive during reception hours.

Ostello Bello

Milan, Italy

This really is as good as the reviews I read before I booked my stay. I was a little wary because I could tell it was a party hostel, meaning loud at night, but it wasn't too bad. I always bring an eye mask and earplugs anyway. The room and bed were comfortable, if a little small for so many beds. The atmosphere is nice with a friendly bar and a basement hang out spot. They have a substantial breakfast and a dinner buffet for really cheap. I wish the staff was nicer about how to get around Milan

Vanalinna Hostel

Haapsalu, Estonia

This was a nice enough hostel. There were no lockers that I could see and I wish all hostels had lockers, preferably big enough for backpacks. My room was very narrow with three beds in a row. It was warm so that was good. There is no 24 hour reception, which I also prefer. It is above a bowling alley which at first concerned me but it just sounded like thunder. And it closes at midnight so it didn't keep me up all night. It is a great location, by the giant, beautiful castle. It was very clean!

Looming Hostel

Tartu, Estonia

This was a cozy atmosphere with a very friendly staff. They don't have 24 hour reception, which I don't like. I liked that they are a 15 minute walk from the city center because you're away from all of the crowds and you can see a little bit more. They are environmentally conscious too which is refreshing. If I return to Tartu I would like to stay here again. The only downside is that to do laundry you have to go to a neighboring hostel. But this one is quiet and cute. I always go for quiet ones

Central Hotel Narva

Narva, Estonia

I found this to be a bright spot in a city I didn't enjoy. It was clean, cosy and comfortable. The staff was nice but not very helpful about what to do in Narva. The breakfast is included in the price and was Very good.

Knight House

Tallinn, Estonia

I found Knight House to be homey and charming and secure. It's in the old town but just far enough away from the main square that it is pretty quiet. The staff is very friendly and helpful. It is one of my favorite hostels that I have stayed in. My only recommendation would be for them to provide bigger lockers than they do in the room. But at least there are lockers.

Hotel Ambassador Bonn

Bonn, Germany

This is a nice hotel just outside of the main city of Bonn. It's about a 15 minute drive to the city center. The hotel provided an excellent breakfast that was included in the price. I was traveling with a handicapped person and the staff was very accommodating. Unfortunately the bathroom only had a deep tub so it wasn't possible for him to bathe but they did find a room for us that had a better toilet.

Hotel Buschhausen

Aachen, Germany

This was a nice hotel, especially for the price. They are conveniently situated by a bus that can take you into the heart of town, but it is a quick drive too. It was wheelchair accessible in the sense that a wheelchair could get into a room but the person I was traveling with has very limited mobility and he had to walk into the bathroom. The staff was very helpful in regards to breakfast by giving us space in the dining room since he couldn't get to the breakfast room. I recommend this hotel.

Ethic Etapes Dijon

Dijon, France

This is a nice comfortable and quiet hostel. The staff were not as helpful as I would have liked and it could have been a little cleaner. I would recommend this hostel though.


Overall this is a decent hostel. The staff were friendly but so busy that we couldn't get prompt help. Maybe they should employ more workers at a time. At least during peak tourist times. The cleanliness was so so. I wear shower shoes anyway. The hostel says it is wheelchair accessible but it was very hard to use the bathroom for my handicapped brother, he couldn't shower. And the staff all needs to be on the same page about the back fire door as a wheelchair entrance. Some had to be convinced.

Luxembourg City Hostel

Luxembourg City, Luxembourg

The hostel was reasonably comfortable and clean. I felt safe there and it was in a good location for sightseeing. My only complaint is that it was very hot and there was no fan or air conditioning.

St Christophers Prague

Prague, Czech Republic

It is great that there is a wheelchair entrance but it is inconvenient that we couldn't just enter when we wanted to. We had to wait for someone from the inside to open it for us as it led into a reservation room. We never had to wait long but it rained hard the entire time we were in Prague so we got more wet than we would have if we could have just gone in. And they provide towels which is great but they want us to reuse them but don't give towel racks or space to dry the towels.

The Linen House Hostel

Belfast, Northern Ireland

The Linen House was definitely a backpackers hostel. Very do it yourself. I felt safe there and my luggage was secure but it would have been nice if there were lockers in the bedroom. There was no hand soap in the bathrooms. I had hand sanitizer with me but it isn't the same. It means that no one is washing their hands after using the toilet. Also, there was a window in my room that wouldn't shut all the way and the radiator was funnily. The room was frigid and I slept with gloves on.

Generator Hostel Dublin

Dublin, Ireland

I enjoyed my stay at the hostel. I arrived on St. Patrick's Day and there was a nice party. The pub area is very nice and it was relatively quiet in the dorm rooms. The in suite bathroom with shower was clean and convenient.