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Riverside Lodge Berlin

Berlin, Germany

This place was fantastic. Recommend it to all!

FreddApp One

Frankfurt, Germany

I was very nervous when arriving at Frankfurt because of the very mixed reviews this hostel had. My gf and I picked out other options, just in case we didn't like it. We emailed the owner from the train station, which is just 5 minutes walking, and told him we would be at the door in an hour. The place was hard to find due to some construction going on. Once in though, the place was fantastic. It's a whole apartment, not a hostel, so no reception. I would recommend it to anyone.

Hotel Edy

Milan, Italy

The location is far from everything except for a metro station that is also far. The place doesn't look safe at all. The staff was helpful in that they told me where to get cash because their ATM machine didn't take my card and there was a really nice restaurant right in front. I wouldn't say "don't come here" but I would suggest finding a better place.

Casa a Colori

Padua, Italy

If you have a car, the place is great. But since we didn't, the location is awful. Of the 3 nights we had planned to stay, we stayed one, and quickly moved to another hostel closer to the city that that was better furnished, better staffed, much better located and for exactly the same price. So again, INSIDE the building, the hostel is ok. But getting there, and moving around from there, not so much. Also, it doesn't seem safe at all.

Student's Hostel Estense

Ferrara, Italy

Place was ok, at least for one night. Staff was pretty helpful. No 'wow' factors on anything. The internet was a pain.

Bologna Old Town

Bologna, Italy

The staff was great, the rooms were great, the breakfast in bed was great, even though simple. It's close to the town center and the walk there (5-10min) has great sights, letting you take in the city. Recommend it to all.

Isaacs Hostel

Dublin, Ireland

Great, but not couples friendly.

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I think you might have been better off in our sister hostel, Jacobs Inn - it is possibly better suited for couples and all the bedrooms have their own bathroom.

Salford Arms Hotel

Manchester, England

Location is great, but does't seem very safe. It's just one street away from the "safe" looking zones, though. The staff are great and there is a bar in the first floor that has activities every night. I didn't hear anything from the rooms upstairs.

Birmingham Central Backpackers

Birmingham, England

The hostel was great, but the location is awful .

Oxford Backpackers Hostel

Oxford, England

It's a good place to spend the night.

Keystone House Kings Cross

London, England

More breakfast. We came down on time for it, but it was all gone.


I have no major complaints. Nevertheless, there are some minor things they could do when it comes to cleaning. It felt as if they were cutting corners in some areas. First night, there was a huge ball of hair on the shower floor, and, although it doesn't bother that much (just shower with sandals), a simple little trash and some paper to clean up would do. Besides minor things such as that, it was a great place in an excellent location.

A&C Much More

Rome, Italy

At 30E a night, it felt more like a hotel. The staff were amazing.