Reviews: Anonymous

Krishna Hostel

Agra, India

Krishna Hostel is very clean for Indian standards. The staff is friendly and have good intentions. However, they are incompetent. Do not use any of the services they say they provide. If you need train, bus, or a tour booked, you are best going to a travel agent. If you want a tea, it's going to take them 30 minutes to make on a hot plate. There are too many times when I could not even find a staff member. The hostel is in a very nice neighbourhood and only 30 min walk max to the Taj Mahal.

BackHome Kuala Lumpur

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

BackHome is a world-class hostel, which amazing design, location, and community. It may cost a little more to stay, but it is worth it: BackHome provides everything you would want from a hostel. Great staff, a range of quality on-site services. Plus, KL is an amazing city. I would come back to the city given the chance and BackHome is where I would want to stay.

Little Hanoi Hostel

Hanoi, Vietnam

The staff is very friendly and helpful, always ready and proactive in providing services. I stayed in a dorm, and the room and sheets were very clean. Excellent value and location in the Old Quarter.