Reviews: Anonymous

Maison Vaticana

Rome, Italy

This was my FAVORITE place to stay. It was like staying in a 5 star hotel. Beautiful, clean, safe, luxurious, and right in the center of Rome! I will ALWAYS choose this place when returning to Rome.

Veneto Residence Florence

Florence, Italy

When I got to the hostel, the owners/managers weren't there and we were directed to a nice (but tired) lady who was managing the property for them. When we went inside we were informed that there was no A/C, the toilet didn't work, and the air was stagnant. We soon found out they have a HUGE mosquito problem. Since the owners were gone, there was no one to fix it. There was no way to leave the window closed (otherwise it'd get really hot) but then that let in mosquitoes. Would not go back. Ever.

Sweet Home Cinzia

Rome, Italy

Sweet Home Cinzia was brand new when we stayed there. The rooms were clean and had private restrooms and mini-refrigerators. There was not any air conditioning as they were working on getting that installed but the staff and cleanliness more than made up for it. We used open windows and fans in June and it was VERY comfortable. The hostel is right by a Metro stop and within walking distance to the Rome Termini so access to all of Rome was very easy. The staff was very nice, and helpful.

La Maison Bacana B&B

Paris, France

I LOVED the Maison Bacana B&B in Paris!!! The staff (maun I believe?) was the BEST. He was so accomodating and nice! He gave us great tips and was very good to talk to. If I ever go back to Paris, I'll be staying there!!