Reviews: Anonymous

Backpackers BCN

Barcelona, Spain

It has great reviews on hostel world so i was expecting a great hostel but it was pretty average. Its great for meeting people, they have lots of movies and games which is nice but i dont really care since i want to explore. they have free breakfast and dinner the staff is very nice and helpful the only thing i didnt like was that as we were checking in they were checking someone out so our bed wasnt ready the person was still in it when we got to the room aside from that pretty good location


This was the best hostel I have stayed at! there arent big signs announcing where it is but if you follow the directions they give you you will be able to find it without a problem. Very close the metro and rail station! We had a 5 person room for only three people, there was television, lockers, and we even got towels. They even made our beds!! They had shower gel in the showers and everything was so clean, computer and printer were free! definitely worth staying here would do it again!

Louvre Youth Hostel

Paris, France

This was literally the WORST hostel i have ever stayed in! The staff was probably the worst part of the entire trip. they could care less about you and dont help you in any way really. You have to pay for wifi and when we did it broke the next day, they refused to refund us our money. we made a reservation for three nights and they told us they might not be able to accommodate us because there was a bigger group coming in! Not worth it stay somewhere else!

Astor Victoria

London, England

The hostel had a great location close to everything, the staff was very friendly as well. The breakfast was free and they had a fully equipped kitchen if you are looking to save some money. The rooms were very clean and spacious I would recommend this hostel and I would stay there again!