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Hostel Strowis

Utrecht, Netherlands

This was a great hostel. Clean rooms, bathroom, kitchen. Laid back common area that feels like a cafe or bar w food for sale, coffee, and beer. Lockers available in the basement level. Common areas were a bit quiet so wasn't the best place to meet other travelers, but a relaxing place in a great location. Very close to many restaurants, bars and attractions in Utrecht.


Amsterdam, Netherlands

Great hostel. Very large, but still easy to meet people and nice vibe. About 5 minutes from central station but requires a quick, free, 24-hour ferry. Lots of places inside to sit or relax throughout. Kitchen and food for sale. Good security. Clean rooms and bathrooms. I've stayed in 3 different rooms here at different times, and it's always been a great experience.

Stayokay Amsterdam Vondelpark

Amsterdam, Netherlands

This hostel is part of a relatively commercial chain of hostels. Feels a bit more like a budget hotel. Location is great, not right in the center but good neighborhood and easy to get to. Space is clean and organized. Breakfast is large and included. They seem to get a lot of large school groups of 20+ people and families so that impacts the vibe in the common areas and in some of the dorms depending which groups are around, but it's a clean, easy place to stay overall.

Hostel Backpackers La Fortuna

La Fortuna, Costa Rica

In the 5+ months I've spent backpacking in south / Central America, this is the worst hostel room I've stayed in. May have just been the room we were in - we were in a 6 bed dorm right by the entrance. Super cramped space. Air conditioning didn't work and no real Windows so room was incredibly damp smelling always, mattress felt damp all the time. Since near the entrance you could hear the staff and everyone coming and going all night. They should not use this room or only put 4 beds.

Eco Pampa Hostel

Buenos Aires, Argentina

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Periko's Youth Hostel

Bariloche, Argentina

This was a very comfortable, clean hostel. It is located a few blocks up the hill from the main touristy street and convenient to bars and grocery stores. The atmosphere is relaxed and the hostel is very clean. The rooms are basic, but clean with lockers and the whole place feels kind of like a European ski lodge. The kitchen is a little crowded but very well stocked. They have a living room with TV, a dining area, and a nice back yard with tables. I would stay there again.

I Keu Ken Hostel

El Calafate, Argentina

This hostel is located a 5-10 minute walk uphill from the bus station. I walked, but I would recommend taking a taxi if you have a lot of luggage because taxis are really cheap from the bus station. This hostel has a real chill, homey vibe and the staff is all really nice -- easy to meet other travelers too. It's a bit of a walk from the downtown area, but it is very relaxed and has nice views and a nice breakfast and is close to a grocery store. They're very helpful in planning activities.

Backpackers Kaweskar Hostel

Puerto Natales, Chile

This hostel is an incredibly homey, cozy, clean hostel. The location is great -- very convenient to everywhere in town. The staff is very helpful in planning trips or renting equipment. The breakfast is amazing -- one of the best I've had in South America. Most people staying in Puerto Natales come for a night or two before and after going to the park, so there's a lot of turn over here, but that's just the area. A great place to come back to after a hike. Very fast internet also.

Cruz del Sur Hostel

Ushuaia, Argentina

I enjoyed my stay at this hostel. It's one of the only hostels in town located in the downtown area and it is very easy to get to all the restaurants and bars. They have a nice but crowded kitchen, eating area, and living room area. There are a lot of rules posted all over the walls which some people seemed to be annoyed by, but for me it was fine. The staff were nice but their helpfulness varied -- they were very helpful to me but if you didn't speak Spanish they were a bit less helpful.

Don King Hostel

Buenos Aires, Argentina

This hostel has potential -- well located and has a lot of the right features of a hostel, but it feels like it opened before it was ready. As a result, the staff don't seem fully trained and some basic things don't seem sorted out yet -- odd mix of furniture, bathrooms not fully finished, construction. During our stay each room only had one key to be shared between all the people in the room -- 6 strangers and the staff had no spare key. Again, potential but really disorganized/messy now.


Highly recommended. I lived in Granada for 4 months and I stay at this hostel now when I visit. The hostel is very cute and clean -- and the location is amazing -- easy access to everywhere. The kitchen and hangout area is a bit crowded because of the layout, but otherwise the facilities are really beautiful. The staff is very helpful and they plan a lot of activities for the hostel. There's a bar also with a happy hour. Great place to meet other travelers or home base to explore the city from.

Sant Jordi Hostel Gracia

Barcelona, Spain

This hostel was very clean and organized. They're located in a fun, young neighborhood that's easy to use as a starting point to get to all the main sites. They have a nice kitchen and sitting area downstairs and the rooms have lockers and are quite clean. They have a list of activities also which you can sign up for and have different bar nights that they organize every night for anyone who wants to participate.

Travel Joy Hostels Chelsea

London, England

Highly recommended. I stayed only one night here but was SO impressed -- I would definitely come back. One of the main bus lines stops directly in front of the hostel so it is incredibly cheap and easy to get to all the main sights from here. The hostel has a great restaurant and bar and amazing free breakfast and they are very helpful in booking activities. The staff is super helpful and friendly. The rooms are basic but clean. Great value for the location.

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The Greenhouse

Arusha, Tanzania

This is an incredibly clean, cozy hostel. It's a bit far from the downtown -- it's a house that's used to house volunteers and when they aren't full with volunteers they open up the rest of the beds as a hostel. Cheap public bus to the downtown but otherwise a bit tricky to get to. The price includes meals which they cook for all the travelers. The staff are incredibly kind and helpful. Feels like more of a homestay than a typical hostel. Very welcoming and helpful staff. Very fast internet.

Cape Town Backpackers

Cape Town, South Africa

This is a great hostel. Great location -- very close walk to the going out area and easy access to many locations. The staff was very friendly and helpful in giving advice or planning trips. There is a bar downstairs -- easy to meet fellow travelers. Clean and comfortable place to stay. Recommended.

Bodega Bangkok

Bangkok, Thailand

This hotel was opened by 3 brothers and they've obviously put a ton of work and thought into making it a great hostel -- and it shows. The layout is really good -- nice seating area and great bar -- great for meeting other travelers. Good food menu. Clean rooms. Lockers. The staff is very helpful and provide lots of information on the city and activities. It is a little hard to find the hostel for cab drivers since it opened somewhat recently so make sure you know where it is on a map.

The Siem Reap Hostel

Siem Reap, Cambodia

They say this hostel was built from the ground up to have all the key features of a hostel and it really feels like it's true. Well layed out, very clean and organized, friendly staff, good menu, great bar and happy hour, computers, movies, yoga, many activities planned by the hostel. Very easy to meet other travelers. Variety of sizes of room. Walking distance to the main going out street. Easy starting point for activities. Highly recommended.

The Zoo Bar and Hostel

Koh Phangan, Thailand

We were in Koh Phangan for just one night for the Half Moon Party. We stayed in the 3 person private room. The room was basic, but clean and the staff was incredibly friendly and helpful. This hostel is located walking distance to the Full Moon Party. Compared to other hostels on the island this is a good option if you're in town for one of the parties.