Reviews: JulioChaves

Location: Brazil, Gender: Male, Age: 30

Manhattan Hostel

New York, USA

Good hostel for short days.


Sao Paulo, Brazil

The hostel is amazing, the staff is so cool! That's the second time I stayed and friendstel and as I stayed a little longer, I could get more involved with them.

Bee.W Hostel Bar

Sao Paulo, Brazil

Nice place, well located next to Paulista avenue. The bathroom is so clean, i think it is the best bathroom i've ever seen in hostels. I didn't get involved with the employees but they seem to be nice. The room is beautiful but with no windows! The bar in front is cool but i didn't go there. Well the weekend, I went, the hostel was so calm because of that I guess the employees were not so excited or something. But it is a good hostel!

Mama Brasil Hostel

Sao Paulo, Brazil

Sincerely now I consider Mama Brasil, one of the best places to stay in Sao Paulo. The staff made us feel so comfortable. The breakfast is great!!!! The bathroom is so clean, the bedroom is cozy. Bruno is a great guy, intelligent and speaks several languages!! Mira is awesome, treating us like best friends. My friends and me simply found the hostel adorable, I can't complain about anything.


The only problem is that, they don't accept any card. I was really surprised because in everywhere I prefer using a card instead of money. That's a negative point unfortunately, the rest is Ok.

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Thanks for your comments. Any other hostels that accept card payments charge you more because of the added fees they have to pay to Visa and Mastercard. We chose not to take cards because that way we can charge you what is fair. We are located around all the major banks in Brazil and we even checked you in without an upfront payment so that was no issue. Brazilians are used to pay with cash, we understand. But its better for us to give you a fair price than charge you more cause of card